World’s 1st Tallest Aquarium To Include Underwater Zoo

Underwater Zoo is a new terminology; however, it is not wrong as there is a vast zoo under the water which no one sees. While looking at the sea have you ever asked yourself how many species will be breathing underwater?

Have you ever wondered will the underwater sea life be more beautiful than the land you are living on!

Have you ever analyzed the number of fish-big and large?  Not everyone can think about this as only people who love nature would know that trying to stay close to nature is the best feeling ever. When it comes to finding the clues of God while looking at its creation- nothing is more enchanting and beautiful than the underwater life which no one can see with their eyes or while staying on land.

As many people love to stay close to nature, so some opt for a home near seaside while others like to live in greenery. However, there are some people who consider Animals, birds, and fish as a part of nature and love to see them and try to stay close to them. Due to this, you would have noticed large aquariums placed in houses to beautify the home. Well, this is just a start, when the love for sea lives grow, people learn sea diving so that they can witness the underwater Zoo by their own eyes and can cherish it as well.

Marine Aquarium Having Different Sea Species is Wonderful feeling ever

In order to facilitate such people, many countries have launched giant underwater zoos caged in the aquariums. These underwater zoos are actually large aquarium launched for people who want to stay close to nature and sea life. The giant aquariums also house a large variety of sea species imported from all over the world.

Such aquarium also includes underwater tunnels from where people can pass from. Such Tunnels offers the best feeling as for how it feels like walking through a tunnel with different species of fish- big and small over your head.


Some Waterparks have also included Tunnels where people can land with many sharks moving around them. One such example is Dubai Aquaventure theme park, where people can have fun in groups of sharks. For some, it’s a scary experience, but for others, it is the adventurous one as they can see the sea life so close to them. Such sea aquariums are the best entity for those people who want to study the cause of life, as thousands of fish in such aquariums will help them to get answers.

So if you have ever dreamt of staying near aquatic creatures- such underwater zoos are for you where you can get chance to interact with 33,000 marine animals face to face. So don’t lose the chance to acknowledge the marine life and calm atmosphere of the sea. All such parks/zoo offer facility for sea divers to get inside the aquarium and see the vivid colors and fantastic beauty of the sea life. Almost all the large and tall aquariums throughout the world have giant Sand Tiger Sharks, beautiful Stingrays, and large Groupers while many others have penguins, piranhas, crabs, water rats, sea horses, jellyfish and plenty more.

Aquariums have many sea lives in them making it colorful

For Pakistan, such aquariums are a relatively new experience, and till now there are no such theme parks/malls which can make people feel close to nature. However the Aquatic Mall, a project of Al-Bari group of companies has planned the tallest aquarium housing thousands of species in it. The mall is based on the aquatic theme, and it will also have a marine-themed restaurant where one can enjoy delicious food. The tall aquarium of 91 feet also has an underwater tunnel. The main purpose of incorporating such aquarium having an underwater zoo at the Aquatic Mall is that people can see the nature and its beauty close to nature.

These kinds of aquariums are the most captivating excursion point one can ask for as they allow you to enjoy a memorable journey to sea life.

The aquariums are very charming as they give the opportunity to people to learn about the world beneath the ocean. The make people feel as if they are part of the water world which is the best feeling in the whole world.