World Tallest Cylindrical Aquarium - The Aquatic Mall

Towering at a staggering 91 feet, (beating Oceania Mall’s company world record by 12 feet), The Aquatic Mall once completed will feature the world's tallest cylindrical aquarium. 

The ground-breaking project was launched in 2018, and this 39 Kanal complex is scheduled to be completed within the next few years. The tank, approximately 50 ft in diameter, will be home to nearly 3500 exotic marine species. Whereas the exterior shell is made out of acrylic, provided by ‘Polin Aquariums’. Viewable from all levels of the shopping mall and a world-class capsule lift built in the heart of the aquarium. The Aquatic Mall takes the word “massive” to a whole new level. Marvel at one of the tallest suspended aquariums in the world, which holds up to 1.2 million gallons of saltwater. As you watch our certified scuba divers navigate their way to feed our aquatic animals.

In 2019, Turkish pioneers Polin Aquariums signed on to complete this large scale project - which included everything from designing, sourcing, to the reef installation. As well as providing a functional environment for the cohabiting fish and overseeing all the operations and maintenance of the aquarium. Polin Aquariums is best known for its outstanding portfolio, including the completion of more than 11 aquarium projects spanning over UAE, Turkey, and the USA. 

Take a stroll through our underwater tunnels as you breathe in 360-degree jaw-dropping sights. Or indulge in unsurpassed luxury with our more than 300 retail stores including international fashion brands, spacious green apartments, and a plethora of food and entertainment. Built with an intent to enhance the shopper’s experience, the aquarium will be the main focal point. 

Get excited, because we are. The Aquatic mall will forever change the landscape of Pakistan. Offering a world of incredible experiences attracting visitors from around the globe. And let’s not forget the thousands of beautiful fish it will showcase.


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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