Top 3 Malls of Islamabad One Should Visit

Just a few years back, Islamabad was deprived of the basic excursion necessity, i.e., Malls of Islamabad. Being the capital of Pakistan, the city
should be considered at par for the introduction of such necessities; however, Lahore and Karachi won the race of having more malls before Islamabad, which might be due to better investment opportunities in both cities.


There was a time when people of Islamabad, had to travel all the way to Rawalpindi to go to Rabi Center- the only place where you could find something to buy those days.


Due to this, Islamabad used to be the busy city where it was difficult to see people going out for shopping since there were no more than one or two primary shopping markets.

Later, some brands opened their outlet in the hub of Islamabad, but again there was no place where people could find each and everything at one center instead of wandering here and there separately for different things.


It is said that shopping is the best hobby one can opt for and it is one thing that makes women happy. Tough I don’t agree to it as now men are more inclined towards shopping if provided it proper place.

These Malls of Islamabad are offering the Best Shopping Experience
Keeping in view the huge demand, the concerned authorities and business community finally ponder upon opening Islamabad shopping malls.

As the city serves as the center point, it is easily accessible for everyone. So finally, some Malls are established in almost every sector of Islamabad some are big while others are small, but all are facilitating people in the best possible way.


Among all malls, some huge malls have made their way in Twin Cities,
having every national and international brand. These multi-storied malls are not only good for shopping but also provide different excursion activities and food courts. All the modern malls of Islamabad are equipped with a residential place on the top floor, and also offices are available there.

Growing Trend of Pakistan Shopping Malls Islamabad

Many malls in Islamabad are not well-established however some are under construction but equipped with extraordinary amenities. Many people would be thinking to visit Malls where they can get every facility in one place.


All the big Malls in Islamabad should fulfill the basic necessities of people and should include the following perks:

Large Parking Facility
A large variety of products under one roof.
Food courts having a wide range of cuisines.
A movie theater
Easily accessible location.
Based on the above points, we have listed the Top 3 Malls of Islamabad that one should visit. All the Malls mentioned below have all the necessary facilities providing ease to people and making them happy.

So here are the Top three shopping Malls that you should visit:

Centaurus Mall:

Centaurus Malls is the biggest shopping center in Islamabad which is very well designed. The five-storied building has all the top brands of Pakistan exhibiting some good collections.


Moreover, the Mall has International brands on the ground floor. Having 250 shops, the Centaurus mall has all the facilities in one place one can ask for. The food court is located on the top floor.

Some of the brands incorporated by the mall are Scentsation, Hub Jafferjees, Khaadi, Charles and Keith, Gul AhmedJunaid Jamshed, Sputnik Footwear, Hush Puppies, Nike, and International Watch Company.


Centaurus Mall is located in the heart of Islamabad has everything one can ask for, a cinema, food court of global fast food chains, fine dining, as well as family entertainment, and fun city for kids. Upon entering the center of Islamabad, one can easily see the three huge buildings shining with the sun.

The three vast buildings of Centaurus Mall indeed shine like the brightest stars on the sky Islamabad city “ a city with almost no skyscrapers. Ideally located in the heart of Islamabad, the Centaurs Mall has become the

ultimate lifestyle icon of Islamabad that offers shopping, entertainment, dining, and fun-filled outings with family and friends.

Safa Gold Mall:

Safa gold Mall Islamabad is a comparatively a small mall but has eight floors. The top three levels are dedicated to the Food court, Swimming pool, and gym and Furniture shops. Rest of the stories have different national and International Clothing and footwear brands.


The Mall provides an ultimate shopping experience for those people who are looking to have quality shopping.
The mall is located at Jinnah Super Market Islamabad, primarily targeting the elite market of F7, be it foreign delegates.

It has a range of shops, including big chains like cold stone, burger kind, Angeloz and MacDonalds. International Chains Including Timber Land, Charles & Keith, Tag Heuer, Nike, Second Cup, Crocs and Home 21 are also available there.

Giga Mall:

Located in DHA Islamabad, Giga Mall offers the finest shopping in Islamabad. It has more than 150 extensive stores which are housing good collection when it comes to comparison with other malls.

Apart from shopping, Giga Mall also has fun activities including fun city and Cinema providing the ultimate experience in town. Having a large variety of cuisines in twin cities make this place the best one to dine in.

Apart from shopping and eating, Giga Mall also keeps on having fun-filled activities on particular days in order to keep the visitors fresh. This is the only mall in Islamabad that has the largest retailer store, Carrefour, where thousands of people do grocery.

The mall has plentiful parking and a Mosque in the basements due to which one can shop fearlessly whole day without missing a single Namaz.

The Bottom Line:

Right now three big malls are fully functional in Islamabad, but that doesn’t mean that our list has ended. There are many more malls which are under construction even based on a better theme than these.

The upcoming malls are based on a unique theme which will definitely turn the game. The list of such malls is big; however, one such Mall that will definitely blow your mind is “The Aquatic Mall“, which is unique. The Mall is based on Marine Theme, housing the tallest aquarium in the world.


Not just this, the aquatic Mall has a marine-themed restaurant where one can enjoy different cuisines in the best environment ever. It has eleven stories, having different amenities including the food court, kids fun area, gym and many more. Being located in the prime location, this mall is easily accessible for people living in Twin cities.

Such Malls offer great opportunities when it comes to investment. As far as investment is concerned, shopping malls in Islamabad are the best investment that one can opt for future benefits.


The mall will be completed by the year 2022 providing new outing place for people of twin cities looking for some excursion.

So what are you waiting for? Go and Shop! If you think that there are other better malls in Islamabad, do let us know in comments below!