Top 10 Under Construction Malls In Islamabad

Islamabad is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The scenic beauty, perfect weather, and lush hills are attributes of its identity. What’s more? Gigantic, architectural marvels – malls in Islamabad that carry essentials for everyone to make a statement. Apart from the existing landmarks like Centaurus, Giga, developers are rapidly launching a flurry of skyscrapers to cater to the demand of vertical buildings, fueled by population influx. Many of these shopping malls in Islamabad yield greater returns and profits. 

To get a better idea, we have picked the best shopping malls in Islamabad for investment. Before we dive in, let’s discuss why vertical expansion is essential in the first place. 

Why Go Vertical?

According to the sixth population and housing Census 2017, Islamabad saw a 149% population growth rate, since 1998. Building apartments and malls in Islamabad will help to accommodate people while not disrupting natural resources and affecting climate change. Moreover, the land can be utilized for green spaces, parks, dams, etc. 

The vertical expansion has environmental benefits. Having grocery stores, shopping stores, cinemas under one roof will decrease distances. Hence, minimize nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other population emissions. It also fosters close-knitted neighborhoods, making it easier for people to bond and socialize. 

Upcoming Malls In Islamabad

The Aquatic Mall

Project byAl-Bari Group of Companies

Shopping is a therapy and what’s better than doing it in alluring surroundings. The architectural design of the Aquatic mall is so appealing with its marine-themed concept, that it will make the whole shopping spree more pleasant. It will be an ideal location to experience underwater life and escape daily life hustles.

Located at main G.T. road, the mall is easily approachable by citizens of twin cities. The Aquatic mall houses an acrylic, cylindrical aquarium, rising up from ground level to the fifth floor. This aquarium is designed to be a perfect blend of ocean scenery and shopping. The shopping mall in Islamabad will cover five floors, filled with famous national and international brands.

Food Court: To satisfy your taste buds, The Aquatic Mall in Islamabad holds tasty delights from diverse countries, kitchens, and restaurants. The food court will also feature a marine-themed restaurant which will be a feast to the eyes. Rather than usual concrete walls, there will be aquariums sprawling throughout the restaurant’s boundaries.

Apartments and suites: They are impeccably designed, with flawless furnishing & meticulous. Their attractive layout reflects the underwater theme of the mall, ensuring all the amenities needed for a lavish lifestyle. Moreover, they come with multiple sizes to choose from –  single bed, double bed, and three-bed. Every residential unit will have a private lawn with a balcony. 

Business center: The mall also brings forth a well-equipped exclusive business center. It aims to provide a perfect environment for goal-oriented businesses. Additional perks include combined conference halls fully operational for your corporate meetings and workshops. Fast elevators, security, spacious parking, air-conditioned offices, and comfortable seats are cherries on top.

Skywalk and Infinity Pool: If you dare to test your height phobia, take a walk on the skywalk. When you look down, you will find aerial views of the mall and upon looking around, you will witness city views. An infinity pool and helipad on the rooftop is yet another amazing aspect of The Aquatic Mall which distinguishes it from other malls, across the country.

Benefits of Investing in The Aquatic Mall

The mall is scheduled to be completed by 2022. Existing malls offer basic amenities but lack attractions. This is the best investment opportunity as it is guaranteed to lure visitors due to its unique theme. More buyers mean more brands willing to rent your shop units in the mall. Thus, resulting in higher rent for you every month. Also, the attractive building is located at G.T. road which is an upcoming economic & developmental hub of the twin cities. 

The project offers an immediate return on investment, in the form of rental incomes after full payment. The company offers transparent and secure transactions.

We all dream about living a life of pure luxury. That’s what The Aquatic Mall offers; it offers to delve deeper into an elegant deluxe living. If you desire to sell or rent out your apartment, the money will be really good. 

Units can be bought through full payment or an easy installment plan with only a 25% down payment.


World’s Tallest Aquarium
Underwater Tunnel
Top National & International Brands
Marine Themed Restaurant
Food Court with Diverse Variety of Cuisines

Restaurants with Marine View
Luxury Apartments with Sky Walk & Private Lawns
Electricity Back-Up & Round the Clock Maintenance System
Deluxe Suites with an Aquatic Ambience
Professional Business Centers
Rooftop with an Infinity Pool & Helipad
Gymnasium with High-Tech Fitness Equipment
Souk Al-Dahab

The Atlantis Mall

Project byMargalla builders and developers

The Atlantis mall offers shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations, under one roof. It was launched on 24th August 2016 and comprises five floors. Amusement choices include cinema, bumper cars, free-fall ride, arcade games for both children and adults. Its proposed location is F-17 and likely to facilitate residents of neighboring housing schemes like G-15, B-17, etc. 

Corporate Offices: The Atlantis Mall is designed to house luxurious office settings that refresh surroundings and uplift moods. A perfect blend of quality and amenity can be observed here.

Food Court: As you take a break from your shopping spree, you can chill out and strike conservation with your friends/family at any of the food booths. Apart from common fast-food chains, it will house Chineses, Pakistani and continental dishes, fresh from the stove. Moreover, the spacious seating will make it more fun to enjoy the food. 

Apartments: The sleek, lavish apartments consist of one, two, three, and four-bedroom configurations. 

Benefits of Investing in The Atlantis Mall 

Keeping in view its pivotal location, the mall is easily accessible by people of Taxila, Wah Cantt, and Islamabad. Moreover, the project is under development, the prices of units are affordable, according to Zameen portal. So, the right time to invest is now. Because, once the construction will be completed, the prices will increase. 

The payment is flexible. It requires 10% down payment and quarterly installments, within a period of four years. 



Kids Play Area

Internet Access

Shopping center

Electricity Backup

Food Court


Luxury Apartments

Emporium Islamabad

Project by: Saifco Group 

Right next to the famous Jinnah Super lies an 11 story complex that presents top-notch facilities and state-of-the-art shopping express. The emporium Islamabad was launched on 1st April 2016. This Pakistan mall will feature everything from restaurants, air cafes, rooftop restaurants, cinema, supermarkets to clothing outlets. 

Its uniqueness lies in floral-emblem themed, which aims to allure visitors to discover incredible outstandingly displayed on each floor. 

Emporium Islamabad will be secured, from wall to wall, with its own efficient security cameras. It will contain 150 shops to benefit visitors. The vision of the mall is to provide a luxurious shopping experience for the citizens of Islamabad. 

Benefits of Investing in Emporium Islamabad

This shopping mall in Islamabad enjoys a strategic location of being at the junction of aesthetic roads, including Margalla Avenue, Nizam ud din road, Jinnah Avenue, and Ibne Sina Road. The site is easily reachable from all sectors of Islamabad. 

It is an ideal investment opportunity due to its excellent offerings and great location.


Security Cameras

Capsule Elevators

Centralized Air Conditioner

Underground Parking


Rooftop Restaurant

Kids Area

Community Lawn

Wrap Up

Commercial project investments are lucrative. Even, Donald Trump pursued the best investment opportunities, strategies, and made a fortune. However, thoughtful considerations can make a difference from a few thousand profit to millions.