How Themed Malls are Continuing to Attract Residents

Themed shopping malls are gaining popularity among Millennials. They are bringing it back not only for retail- as a place to live. Today malls not only exists as hundred stores but as a hub connecting offices, apartment and much more. 

What makes themed mall unique is its centre design, it plays an increasingly vital role in differentiating an offer and giving it a core competitive advantage. An inviting and interesting draw people to shopping malls not only for purchasing. Our young generation prefers to live in something distinct as they want to escape the ordinary. They want to be entertained in a memorable, unique and friendly leisure surrounding. 

Here we have gathered some compelling reasons why themed malls are continuously attracting residents. 

All life essentials Within Reach

 Living in a mall provides you comfort and benefit as essentials are within the reach and you can find everything under one roof. It is a major convenience as you will be able to get snacks, ice cream and anything just by going downstairs. There could be a hardware store allowing you to get the necessary tools you need for household repairs.

The best part is that all the famous fast-food chains and coffee houses are so close that you can get your food delivered to your doorstep in no time. 

Safe And Secure

Shopping malls prioritize their security. If you live in a shopping complex, you can ensure that you’re living in a safe neighborhood. Modern apartment complexes inside a shopping mall have security features and protocols to ensure their residents’ safety. They provide a safe and secure environment for its residents you will always find a gated entrance, security guards and security camera everywhere. 

Different Preferences under one roof

Living in a mall allows you to pursue your preferred lifestyles.  Establishments like cafes, salons, movie theatres and gadget shops are easily accessible and you can go whenever you want. For weekends there are plenty of options to spend quality time with family in very close vicinity. Either it’s shopping, dining or spending some quality time with friends and family it’s all within arms reach. 

Great Ambience

Themed malls radicate aesthetic vibes, they are designed while keeping a certain theme in mind.  Breath-taking facades, ornate details and landscaping will surely catch your eyes. Imagine waking up and strolling in this environment daily will serve you a spot to relax and relish the beauty. 

Bottom Line

Today’s buyers are well-travelled and exposed to global lifestyle luxuries and desire the same luxuries in their homeland.  They want all things in one place. Al-Bari has taken this concept into its account and has launched state of art-themed based project- The Aquatic Mall. You’ll save time and energy since everything will be minutes away from you. You’ll avoid traffic jams and long lines in public transportation. You’ll have a place where you can bond with your kids and hang out with family and friends. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to explore various hobbies and activities.

The Aquatic Mall is a remarkable project with high returns and great annual profit that is up to 100 - 300%. The aquatic mall promises transparent and secure investment. So don’t miss this great chance and invest now.


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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