The Shopping Mall Revolution in Pakistan

Malls in Pakistan flourished at an accelerated pace, in the past ten years. However, stores have been the only staple fixture of a mall, providing people a one-stop destination to shop their hearts out. Now, due to the evolving global trends in retail, shopping malls are caught between a rock and a hard place. Malls that are willing to offer a lot more than just a shopping experience may leap ahead. While others struggle to survive.

Gone are the days when malls were primarily about brick and mortar shopping. Now, when people visit malls they look forward to innovative experiences beyond common shopping sprees. Therefore, shopping malls in Pakistan should evolve to accomplish what customers desire. 

Remember the last speech made by Nokia’s CEO?

 He said: “ The advantage you have yesterday, will be replaced by the trends of tomorrowYou don’t have to do anything wrong, as long as your competitors catch the wave and do it RIGHT, you can lose out and fail. We didn’t do anything wrong, but somehow, we lost”. 

Surely, they didn’t do anything wrong. Nokia had been the most dominant mobile company of its time. But, what happened to it is a tragedy. It failed because it didn’t recognize the significance of innovation and trends in the industry.

Al-Bari Group Of Companies, a successful player, is at the frontline of modernized concepts.  Let’s dive into what they are offering:

The Aquatic Mall

The Aquatic Mall hit the bull’s eye by bringing innovation in the industry. It will be the first marine-themed mall in Pakistan. The iconic luxury mall is planned to be an ideal getaway from the worries of the world. It is perfectly architectured with a robust infrastructure. Whether you need a classy outfit or a deluxe apartment to live in, there are plenty of options to suit every type of visitor. Apart from the finest features, the mall offers outrageous attractions to sweep away into the marine world. They are listed below:

Shopping Mall With A Twist – Centralized Aquarium

The marine theme will truly reflect in the cylindrical aquarium. It will contain millions liters of freshwater and will house several outrageous fish species like cory catfish, neon tetra, and corals. Rest assured knowing that fishes will be well taken care of – our scuba divers will get inside the aquarium to feed marine species three times a day. In 2019, the mall signed an agreement with Polin aquariums, Turkey for the mall’s development. 

 It will serve as a major source of attraction for tourism in Pakistan. You will be left speechless by a tall approx 85 feet high aquarium in the middle of the mall’s lobby. While enjoying the pleasant sights of aquatic life, shopping sprees will be more fun than ever. The retail space will cover many floors featuring international and national brands.

Underwater Tunnel

One of the brilliant sights of The Aquatic Mall is its Underwater tunnel, which will be a natural habitat for astonishing sea creatures. A perfect place to take selfies with a fascinating underwater environment. Like many other remarkable attractions of Aquatic Mall, this is the first time any group is taking such a great initiative. Al-Bari is pioneering innovative mall concepts in Pakistan. 

Marine-themed Restaurant

Having a meal besides marine life is an unprecedented soothing experience. The restaurant will offer a variety of cuisines from diverse kitchens and cultures. Feel like a mermaid, while eating good food and watching Allah’s most startling creatures glide past you. Diners will enjoy a giant glass aquarium, encircling the restaurant’s boundaries and beholding stunning ocean life. The place can also be booked for special occasions like birthday parties.


Al-Bari Group of Companies is introducing something truly creative – a beautiful skywalk over The Aquatic Mall

Height phobia is a very common fear. For those who want to conquer it should score this breathtaking walk. Visitors who look down will discover stunning aerial views of the mall. If they look out, they will find breathtaking scenery of the twin cities. These sights are guaranteed to blow minds away. 

The Aquatic Suites 

The Aquatic Mall houses deluxe suites with an unprecedented charm. These suites present comfy rooms to relax, a huge aquarium to watch sea life, hot showers, and a private movie theatre. The mall also features spacious flats for people who admire the ultimate lifestyle of luxurious apartments. The cherry on top is a private lawn. But, if you want to sleep with the fishes, book a suite that allows you to watch sea life swim beside your bed.

Outrageous Rooftop – Infinity Pool and Helipad

Another amazing aspect of The Aquatic mall which takes swimming to another level- rooftop infinity pool. It is an architectural marvel. Take a dip into pure pool perfection, surrounded by breathtaking marine life. Our talented civil engineers designed the theme to give the impression that the pool is merged with the sky. On the other end lies an all-weather helipad with stunning city and aquatic views. 

If you feel hungry after your swim, ensconce yourself at the best food court, serving everything from Chinese, Thai to the Asian-fusion cuisines.

The Space Mall

The Space Mall is a perfect blend of creativity and convenience. This project will offer a lot more than just a shopping experience. The proposed location of the mall is Bahria town, which gives it a competitive edge. Its infrastructure is designed by the Al-Bari Group of Companies. In addition to the regular amenities like stores, flats, and apartments, it will house brilliant attractions. A refreshing spa which is guaranteed to wipe away your daily troubles; a no gravity area which takes you on an adventure of weightlessness; a gold stimulator which brings gold indoors. 

Anti-gravity Area

Discover the startling feeling of floating in zero gravity.  Al-Bari Group of Companies is truly dedicated to bringing space down to the earth, for you to experience weightlessness thrill, just like astronauts. The group is leveraging disruptive technologies to introduce an area where people can freely move, without touching the ground. It will surely be a new and memorable adventure for you and your family.

Golf Simulator

The Space Mall is all set to deliver an alternative golf experience in a simulator environment. Now, golf lovers can enjoy their favorite game, irrespective of the season. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a teenager, the game will provide an ultimate fun experience for everyone. Every tournament you play, every ball you hit will enhance the true feeling of the game. It will come packed with features like real-time ball flight, no time delay, air resistance, and object trajectory.

Space Museum

Take a ride into space or discover the sacrifices of Pakistani armed forces, at one cool destination. The museum will be divided into two wings – space wing and military wing. The space wing will contain the largest collection of space artifacts. It will also feature stunning mockups of various planets serenely orbiting in the galaxy. If you’re an army admirer, head to the military wing for a dose of historical achievement of our brave soldiers. 


To avoid becoming a historical anachronism, malls must reinvent themselves from just shopping destinations to lifestyle centers. Customer expectations have raised the bar of convenience, creativity, and luxury. Fortunately, Al-Bari Group Of Companies is committed to deliver themed experiences in addition to retail and create an unforgettable visit through technology and innovation. For more information, call us at our toll-free number +92-335-1115551 / 0800-55-155