The Future of Malls in Pakistan – The Aquatic Mall

Booming Tourism in Pakistan:

British Back-Packers Society declared that Pakistan is now among its top twenty travel destinations. Keeping this in mind, the Al-Bari Group of Companies has launched their landmark project of The Aquatic Mall in Islamabad.


The Aquatic Mall is not only set to become Pakistan’s most ambitious mall project to date, dwarfing, in grandeur alone if not scale, all other mall projects, but it is also set to become one of the most attractive and lucrative properties in Pakistan in the near future.

The Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation expects that Pakistani tourism will increase as a result of this. By the look of things, it seems that this trend will only increase as time goes by. Pakistan is undoubtedly going to become one of the premier tourist locations not only in Asia but probably in the world, and that too sooner rather than later. Since Pakistan is now slated to become one of Asia’s larger tourist markets, the nation must develop infrastructure capable of not only captivating the imagination of tourists but also facilitating them in as many ways as possible. 

Founding Principles of The Aquatic Mall:

The Al-Bari Group of Companies founded The Aquatic Mall on the principle that shopping malls are going to become increasingly necessary in the future. As the Pakistani tourist industry begins to balloon, the demand for shopping malls will increase. Mentioned above is a fairly straightforward observation. Anyone with a keen eye for real-estate can tell that Islamabad shopping malls are extremely popular and lucrative. They offer a high rate of return and are among the most in-demand properties, should they be successfully realized. Islamabad shopping malls have the added advantage of being located in the federal capital, where the quality of life is generally high. These locales are also frequented by middle, upper-middle, and upper-class families and they usually do not have any trouble turning a profit in the medium turn, and these profits increase manifold in the long term. The Al-Bari group of companies is staying above the competition in this area as well. They are not just simply joining the race of launching malls in Islamabad, but they are in the business of launching thematic malls. 

The Need for Thematic Malls in Pakistan:

This is a new trend being spearheaded by the Al-Bari Group of Companies. It envisions several malls spread across prime real-estate in Islamabad, all aimed at providing residents and tourists, both domestic and from abroad, with the highest quality shopping experience that money can buy. The Aquatic mall Islamabad was conceived with this vision in mind. It is based on a marine theme and designed to make visitors feel as though they are setting foot in the ocean. This is easily the most ambitious shopping mall project in Islamabad, and maybe even Pakistan. The Aquatic Mall will feature the Pakistan’s tallest Aquarium. It will begin on the lower ground floor and will rise to the third floor, encompassing a total of five floors. It will host a vast number of marine species. This aquarium will be the major attraction of the Aquatic Mall, Islamabad, but it will by no means be the only feature. Other features of the Aquatic Mall include an infinity pool on the rooftop, a helipad, and premium luxury apartments, a spa, fitness center, child care center, and shopping center. 

Features of The Aquatic Mall:

The idea of a themed mall is not unique to the Al-Bari Group of Companies, but with The Aquatic mall, Al-Bari are at the forefront of this new foundational concept. Industry-leading experts have forecasted that The Aquatic Mall will be among the most innovative and modern malls of the country. Al-Bari’s construction subsidiary, SPECCOM, in charge of constructing The Aquatic Mall, will build it to international specifications and the Mall will host some of the world’s finest features.

 Pakistan’s Tallest Aquarium:

Truly a Sight to Behold

The aquarium will host several exquisite marine species including green sea turtles, corals, clown fish and other wildlife. But fret not, at Al-Bari, takes the preservation and comfort of their marine life extremely seriously, and a team of experts will take great care of all aquarium specimens. Their emotional and physical well being will be of the utmost importance to The Aquatic Mall’s administration, and no stone will be left unturned to ensure that the life in the aquariums is at its most vibrant and comfortable. Al-Bari’s philosophy believes that living beings are not merely objects of pleasure, but God-given gifts that His people should cherish. With this in mind, it was decided to make the aquarium an educational instrument as well, where people of all ages can learn about marine ecosystems that are currently endangered by global warming, and also about what can be done to preserve their habitats.

 Underwater Tunnel


Aside from the primary aquarium, The Aquatic Mall will also feature an underwater tunnel. The tunnel will be built as an elongated cylinder, and allow visitors to walk through it, completely submerged underwater, surrounded by astonishingly beautiful marine animals and fish. This is the first time in Islamabad that anyone is attempting to attempt building such a grand feature, and it will undoubtedly be one of the star attractions of Pakistan’s capital city, easily dwarfing the competition and other themed malls. The Aquatic Mall, Islamabad is slated to become Pakistan’s premier shopping mall through these innovative design features.

 Marine Themed Restaurant


Marine Themed Restaurant

Another key feature of the Aquatic Mall will be a marine-themed restaurant. An aquarium will be built around the restaurant in place of walls. SPECCOM architects designed this theme to give the impression that diners are submerged under the ocean. Watching majestic marine life glide by as you enjoy your meals will be an unparalleled experience, unlike any other in Pakistan. The roof will be lit by ambient lighting, further adding to the atmosphere of the restaurant. The restaurant will serve both national and international cuisines to delight your palate, as the sea life soothes your eyes.

 Luxury Apartments


One of the primary features of The Aquatic Mall is a vast collection of luxury apartments. The Aquatic Mall will have some of the best luxury apartments in Islamabad, available for purchase. The apartments will feature private lawns and new elegant views. You will be hard-pressed to find a more appealing and sophisticated set of apartments in Islamabad. The Aquatic Apartments range from one to two bedrooms and family size. The Aquatic Mall will cater to everyone, regardless of preference. The main feature of these luxury apartments in Islamabad will be in line with the theme of The Aquatic Mall. Each apartment will have a beautiful aquarium, which will be integrated in one of the walls of the apartment. You will be able to enjoy the serene beauty of nature without having to worry about the upkeep. As with the other aquariums, well-trained experts will also tend the apartment aquariums. These professionals will ensure that all sea-life receives the best possible care, and they will ensure the wellbeing of all marine specimens in the aquariums.

 Shopping Centre


At the center of The Aquatic Mall will be the shopping area. This will be the defining area of The Aquatic Mall and will host both international and national brands. Shoppers will be able to find any and all things that they so desire, from clothes to shoes and everything in between. The goal of the shopping area is to make you forget your worries and let you live in the moment. This in addition to the fitness center and other amenities is set to make The Aquatic Mall among the leading malls in Islamabad. 

Al-Bari – Welcome to the Future:


In fact, experts in the Al-Bari Group of Companies project that the Aquatic Mall is going to be at the absolute cutting edge of real-estate development. Investing in this project is, therefore, one of the easiest choices you can make today, not to mention the safest, as far as investments in real-estate in Islamabad go.