The Aquatic Mall’s Raft Foundation is Underway

We are celebrating a construction breakthrough in the development of our highly anticipated project The Aquatic Mall. 5 feet of concrete filling was successfully poured to the base layer of The Aquatic Mall — a major component of the ‘raft’ foundation is almost complete. The Raft foundation is the most important element of the developmental infrastructure.  What it entails is a thick concrete slab firmly placed on the sub-base. Moreover, the steady construction pace is a statement itself of our strong organization and leaders, dedicated to maintaining quality, safety and environmental standards.

Set in the heart of Rawalpindi and Islamabad, The Aquatic Mall will deliver unparalleled leisure, lifestyle, and entertainment destinations. Developed by Al-Bari Group of Companies, who have been reshaping the real estate sector since 2017. In addition, constructed by their sister company Speccomp Constructions, the first-ever marine-themed mall, is set to open in 2022. 

Creating a unique shopping experience. The Aquatic Mall will offer everything a keen buyer could want. Expanded over five dedicated floors, the mall will consist of over 300 retail outlets as well as leading international fashion brands.

This project is a stepping stone that will reassure Pakistan’s developmental presence within the global community. In addition to that, this venture will astronomically boost the nation’s economy. All the while reiterating Al-Bari’s future growth and renowned industry reputation within the real estate market. 


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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