Underwater Restaurant

Dine underwater and enjoy your meal with a perfect ambiance of nature. This water themed restaurant, is among the three main attraction of the mall. Rather than walls, aquariums will skirt the boundaries of restaurant. Watching sea creatures glide past, as you dine, will be a unique soothing experience.

Kids Area

The play land or kids area is planned with a view to absorb your kids in a manner where you feel absolutely free to go shopping or move around The Mall.Being indoor it is bound to be most modern, secure, comfortable and above all enjoyable for your loving family

Water Park

Water is life and we believe remaining close to the nature you enjoy life. While having meal or light refreshment by water park with your family and friends will be an exotic experience.


Cinema of The Mall will be yet another spot to screen the most beautiful, attractive and legendary characters with their brilliant performances ever viewed all over the world. We plan and expect it to be far beyond the ordinary movies, Our focus will remain on the national/international, old/new,short plays and long movies at most affordable cost as our theme is your refreshment rather than our earning.

The Stylish Apartments

Single-bed, double-bed and family size apartments with balcony lawn, and sizable greenery will cover the 7th &8th floor of The Aquatic Mall. These apartments are designed with an aesthetic sense to make it visually appealing, while keeping them spacious and luxurious with a superb style.

Sky-walk & Infinity Pool

Sky walk of The Aquatic Mall is likely to be a different experience for the residents and customers. We are sure it will address the height phobia and will prove to be a fun spot for the young and elderly alike.Similarly the Infinity Pool located on rooftop is bound to beat the heat of twin cities.The pool is designed to enjoy the scenic view while remaining inside water.

Features of The Aquatic Mall

Visit Aquatic Mall Gym & try out mix of workout equipments to help reach your fitness goals.

The Aquatic Mall is going to have an exclusive Masjid located adjacent to the main building.

Become a part of the Aquatic Business Center.

Relax with a massage after a great time shopping using variety of massage techniques.

Aquatic Mall offers exclusive roof top Helicopter Landing facility.

The Aquatic Mall offers a perfect shopping area with a glorious waterfront location.