The Aquatic Mall – Construction Progress Update

The Aquatic Mall was launched by Al-Bari Group of Companies on 14th August 2018. Speccomp construction, a subsidiary of Al-Bari group of companies, is in charge of the complete construction value chain of The Aquatic mall. We are pleased to share a comprehensive update regarding the mall’s construction.

Geo-Technical Investigation 

Just like artists can’t paint without a vision, construction cannot begin without ground conditions. To determine the bearing capacity of land and position of water table to uphold The Aquatic mall’s infrastructure proper geotechnical investigation was carried out. Reconnaissance study, trial pits, rotary boring, water measurement level, sampling, laboratory testing, etc was executed with strict adherence to international standards and guidelines to ensure robust construction of the project.

Topographical Survey

A topographical survey is an integral aspect of any commercial project. We conducted a detailed analysis of the site to identify and evaluate the feasibility of features, elevations, and slopes. Next, a 3D dimensional map was created by our qualified surveyors to depict all-natural and man-made features of the property.

Along with boundary and topographical surveys, they also strategized risk mitigation, cost optimization, and comprehensive regulatory plans. Designers, civil engineers, and architects utilized this data to craft future construction models and better action plans.

The Aquatic Mall Construction

Architectural Design and 3D Modelling

Prior to construction, it is significant to sustain a complex path of design and planning. Archentire, a reputable architectural firm, developed architectural design, structural design, and MEP design of The Aquatic mall. They practiced the proportion of retail and circulation to 65:35. Each element from design drawings, schematic designs, to fire protection systems, data communication lines were planned within specific features and operations in accordance with the international and local construction standards.


Before the piling stage, we cleared, dug, and leveled the site. All excavation activity was implemented to the exact dimensions of the pile foundation to decrease backfilling. 

  • Piling

Damage to buildings, adjacent to an excavation site can be a major problem. To support neighboring structures and retain the excavated land, soil retention piles are secured from top, bottom, and middle, vertically. A reinforced concrete capping beam is

holding these piles from the top and the tent fed bottom ends of these piles are embedded in the ground while the middle to the third part of each of these piles are connected with four deeply grouted horizontal anchors comprising of high yield strands of multiple plates of steel wide

A total of 208 piles were finalized, after careful evaluation, to guarantee a sturdier foundation. Each pile is 75 feet long with a 2-foot diameter. All steps (including  vertical rotary boring, steel cage lowering, concrete pouring, and deep foundation)  

involved in the process were successfully completed. 

The Aquatic mall Islamabad Contruction

  • The Covid-19 Situation

We had to temporarily halt construction as per government orders to combat the deadly coronavirus outbreak. In April, the government announced a lockdown ease and relief package for the construction industry. According to the incentive package, Federal Excise Duty (FED) on cement/kg decreased to Rs 1.5 per kg from Rs 2 per kg. First, the rate reduction was fixed to Rs 1.75 but now varies between Rs 1.5 to Rs 1.75. Moreover, withholding tax on construction was lifted in the real estate sector. 

We took advantage of the incentives and geared up the excavation by deploying more material resources and proceeding towards the pile’s anchorage stage. We completed on-site raft foundation preparation. And began MEP works and the rock foundation of the project. The progress has been slow due to standard operating procedures, set by the Government of Pakistan.

The Aquatic Mall

Future Planned Construction

Anchorage for retaining excavation and raft foundation is in progress. Once these processes finish, we will begin structuring the sub-structure, comprising three basement parking. Sub-structure refers to the foundation of a building, below ground level. Upon completion, we will proceed to the superstructure. It involves columns, beams, slabs, walls, and all finishing elements like walls, windows, floors, etc of twelve floors. Project completion is anticipated to be achieved by midyear 2022. 


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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