The Aquatic Mall Booking Details | Price, Payment Plan | location

What is better than having a place where one can find everything at one place-Fun, shopping, and Nature? Soon we will have a Mall covering all the aspects under a single roof and the name The Aquatic Mall is given to it. The Mall is based on a Marine Theme, falling in the league best Malls in Pakistan.

Aquatic Mall is a modish addition in the business markets and shopping destinations of Islamabad. Developed by Al-Bari Group in collaboration with GreenEarth Real Estate and BizVenture Marketing, Aquatic Mall enjoys a spectacular spot in the proximity of DHA Islamabad and Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

Logo The Aquatic Mall

Blue is Color of the Sea and Sky symbolizing purity, depth, and Stability. The different shades of Blue color for logo is chosen keeping in view the theme of The Aquatic Mall: Marine. As the color represents trust, loyalty, confidence, and heaven, it is selected for The Aquatic Mall so that people can invest with trust and confidence that they are investing in Heaven. The color of the water is strongly associated with tranquility and calmness, the Aquatic Mall’s Aquarium will provide calmness and soothing feeling while looking at the beautiful underwater species imported from all around the world.


The Dark blue color on the logo is associated with depth as the height of Aquarium which is 91 Feet. The dots on the dark blue color showcases stars. As stars are located on height and give light to us, in the same way, The Aquatic Mall is the king of the malls enlightening Pakistan’s Image by introducing the tallest aquarium in the World to attract tourism in the country.

The Five Waves on the logo refers to the five unique features of The Aquatic Mall including The Aquarium, underwater tunnel, Marine Restaurant, Skywalk, and Infinity Pool.

Visionaries Behind

Al-Bari Group of companies has planned the giant Mall and effectively working on the matchless ventures in Islamabad: The Aquatic Mall. It is a kind of commercial as well as residential investments, having everything one can ask for. The primary aim behind this project is to make it the best piece of attraction for visitors and the best real estate investment place in Islamabad for investors.

Al-Bari Group of companies is an established real estate agency, working for advancements of residential and commercial ventures. The company is a symbol of trust, loyalty, and expertise adopting the fast-growing trends. The sister companies of Al-Bari Group of companies are:

  • Biz Venture Marketing
  • GreenEarth
  • Specomp

Biz Venture Marketing is a digital marketing agency providing different services. The firm is marketing The Aquatic Mall’s, making it visible to people around the globe.

Green Earth is the real estate company which is helping people buy, sell and rent out home as well as assisting people with buying and selling property. The company also has an online platform that helps people with getting information regarding the property available in large cities of Pakistan.

Spcecomp is the construction company, which is presently working on building the Aquatic Mall with expertise and skilled workers.

The team is actively working on numerous projects and has successfully made its name in the real estate sector of Pakistan by introducing unique ideas. All the projects produced by the company are considered state of the art due to the mind-blowing maintenance staff and its expertise.

Location of The Aquatic Mall


The Aquatic Mall is located in the prime location of GT road easily accessible from people living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Being near to various sectors of Bahria Town and DHA, the mall will be visited by people from twin cities and tourists making it the best project for investment.

The Aquatic Mall Completion Date

The construction of Aquatic Mall is progressing at a fast pace and is expected to be completed by the year 2022. Due to the unique facilities, the malls will be loaded by visitors soon after its inception.


Aquatic Mall Islamabad Prices & Payment Plan

Aquatic Mall Islamabad has apartments, shops, residential suites and food court shops for booking. Stretched on 24 Kanal and 13 Marla, The Aquatic Mall has ground+9 floors and a rooftop. The three basements floors are reserved for car parking keeping in view the expected visitors. The first five floors will be dedicated to shopping where all local and international brands will be accommodated providing the best shopping experience.

The next level is dedicated to the food court where people can enjoy a vast variety of cuisine from different local and international chains. The food court will have a marine-themed restaurant that will make your foodie experience better in the best environment.

One whole floor is dedicated to kids areas, which is designed keeping in view all the security measures. Kids would be able to enjoy a variety of indoor games and rides while parents can enjoy shopping by leaving the kids at safe hands of trained staff dedicated for Kids area.

The next two floors will have corporate offices having good business facilities. Two floors are reserved for luxury apartments which will be the best selection for people who love to own a luxury lifestyle. Deluxe suites will enlighten the whole mall being situated on the top floor. It will offer all the luxurious amenities and VIP facilities along with one wall of the suite will be dedicated to Aquarium where people will get the best sight.

If anyone wants to buy these properties in The Aquatic mall, a 4-year payment plan is offered, details are provided below:


The Aquatic Mall Islamabad Features

The Aquatic Mall has many exciting and unique features which make it different than other Malls, already operational in Pakistan.


The Aquarium:

The Aquatic Mall has the world’s tallest cylindrical aquarium packed with exotic multiple varieties of fish and marine life. The aquarium will remain the main pivot point of attraction in The Aquatic Mall. Having 91 feet height and 50 feet width, the aquarium is built by Polin Aquariums, a Turkish firm having huge vast experience in building aquariums in different countries.


It will be the tallest aquarium in the world, having a wide variety of beautiful sea species. It will be the best piece of attraction for people who love beauty and nature. As the aquarium will be tall, it will be visible form many floors. This would be the first of its kind in Pakistan, so it is expected that due to this aquarium the Aquatic Mall will be a place for tourist to cherish.

Underwater Tunnel:

One can take a memorable walk through an underwater tunnel. Being home to a wide variety of marine species, this tunnel aquarium will be one of the best attraction in the Mall.


The main purpose of walking through water bound environment with marine life splashing around will shift your attention from a busy life to a peaceful place where you would be able to appreciate nature and feel fresh.

Marine themed restaurant:

This will be one of the best places to hang out with your loved ones as it will be a kind of underwater restaurant where one would be able to enjoy the perfect ambiance of nature.


Watching sea creature gliding past while dining will make it a uniquely soothing experience.

Deluxe Suites:

The Aquatic Mall has designed Luxury Suites that will make your stay there memorable and you will be able to cherish the precious moments spent there. The five start quality deluxe suites are situated on the top scenic floor of the mall. The suites are designed in such a way that they exhibit a combination of style, comfort, and luxury. One of the walls of the Aquatic Mall’s suites will be dedicated to the aquarium. This Deluxe Suite will make you feel close to nature.

Marine Apartments:

The Aquatic Mall has planned Single bed, double bed and family size apartments with balcony lawn and sizeable greenery covering the 7th and 8th floor of The Aquatic Mall.

These apartments are not only visually appealing but will also provide users with the best living experience with luxurious and superb style.

Business Centers:

The business center of the Aquatic mall is the most ideal place to set up your office, having access to different services and assets.

This business center will also have advanced and spacious conference hall. The fifth and sixth floors of the mall will be dedicated to this business center.



For the first time in Pakistan, the concept of Skywalk will be introduced. The thrilling skywalk will offer a unique experience for the residents and visitors. It will address the phobia of height and will be a fun spot for young and elderly alike.

Infinity Pool:

The infinity will have temperature-controlled water operational in all seasons. Located on the rooftop, it will provide the best experience to people visiting the malls and also for those who opt for a membership.


The infinity pool will beat the heat of twin cities with its clean water. The pool is designed so that people can enjoy the scenic view while remaining inside the water.


The Aquatic Mall will have a dedicated mosque located adjacent to the main building. Like other Malls, it is not located in the basement of Mall, instead of as a separate entity.


It will add beauty to Islamabad, as the mosque will be built one Turkish blue theme. Approximately 800-1000 people will be able to offer prayers there. Spending time in this beautiful mosque will be the most attractive and spiritual experience ever.

Dedicated Kids Area:

The Aquatic mall will have a dedicated kid’s area where one would be able to drop kids without having the fear of getting them lost. The kid’s area has a trained staff to take care of kids and proper security measures are taken to make it a safer place for kids. Kid’s area is designed in such a way where you will feel absolutely free to go shopping while leaving kids here. This indoor kid’s area is planned to be the most modern, secure, comfortable and enjoyable for your kids.


The Aquatic Mall’s cinema will be based on the latest 4K technology where families would be able to enjoy the latest movies with the best sound effects.

Our focus will remain on the national/international, old/new, short play and log movie at a most affordable cost as our main goal is refreshment rather than earning.

Food court:

Every mall has a food court, so you might be thinking how The Aquatic Mall’s food court will be different? The answer is easy, everyone offers local and international cuisines, but The Aquatic Mall is offering a mixture of the beautiful ambiance of nature and food.

This combination makes your food more delicious and also make you feel peaceful and harmonious.

Helipad on Rooftop:

It is difficult for VIPs to enjoy in Mall if provided with the same entrance that is for everyone. Understanding the issue, The Aquatic Mall has designed a helipad on Rooftop so that influential people and VIPs do not find any difficulty visiting the Mall.


Why Aquatic Mall is best for Investment?

The Aquatic Mall is a new project which has come with a bang. Due to the major attractions like the tallest aquarium, infinity pool and skywalk, this shopping center is a major attraction for people of Pakistan. Keeping in view these attractions, many people are looking to invest in it. Yes, this is the best time to invest in the Aquatic Mall as when it be completed the prices of shops will definitely rise. In order to get the best priced shops in the Aquatic Mall, you need to visit the website or hire a real estate agent who can help you with it. Green Earth is the official real estate agency which will help you in the best possible way to find the best shop. We will be providing you with the floor plan and pricing details so that you can choose the perfect shops, apartments, and suits for yourself just according to your need. Rush! Don’t waste time as many of the shops are already booked. We already have very fewer shops left, so don’t miss this exciting opportunity. The Aquatic Mall will have all the big national and international brands providing people with an excellent shopping experience. This Mall will not be an exceptional attraction for people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi but also for the whole of Pakistan. Located at Prime location, the prices of these shops will definitely be increased in no time, so this is the best time to make investment wisely.