The Future of the Shopping Malls in Islamabad

the aquatic mall Islamabad

Our world is driven by Digital economy, and with every passing time, everything in this world is getting digitized. With the transforming technological era, Shopping Malls need to be reformed. Basically, shopping malls are defined as the “combination of one or more building forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnected walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit”.

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Top 3 Malls of Islamabad One should Visit

Just a few years back, Islamabad was deprived of the basic excursion necessity, i.e., Malls of Islamabad. Being the capital of Pakistan, the city
should be considered at par for the introduction of such necessities;

The Aquatic Mall

however, Lahore and Karachi won the race of having more malls before Islamabad, which might be due to better investment opportunities in both cities.

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