What Makes A Commercial Project Successful

Recently real estate is an emerging industry in Pakistan. A sudden and rapid increment in the property rates of Islamabad has been seen over a decade. The following factors played a crucial role in the greater demand for real estate investment.

There are some factors that played a crucial role in the success of the commercial project. Such as strategic location, the demand for accommodation, and uniqueness. 

Islamabad has a lot of scope for commercial real estate investment. New and unique projects are being introduced in this region. Pakistan uplifts its Real Estate industry by jumping into the international competition and growing its global reputation by constructing theme-based mall projects all over Pakistan. Keeping this approach in mind Al-Bari group of companies has launched commercial projects based on themes. The unique concepts and innovative approaches of the Al-Bari group of companies made it one of the leading companies in the real estate industry.  

The two unique malls launched by Al-Bari GOC are The Aquatic Mall and the Space Mall, let’s see how they are unique from the rest.

The Aquatic Mall 

The Aquatic Mall Pakistan First underwater-themed Mall designed with perfection and care. It stretches on 39 Kanal and 13 Marla, The mall has luxurious facilities that one can ask for. The Aquatic Mall is designed by Mr. Kamal Sinan Pakistan architectural firm Archentire. Construction of the project is done by Speccomp Constructions. The mission is to uplift the real estate industry through the idea of a theme mall.

Theme mall Features

The theme mall not only features the tallest Aquarium but also fun-filled scuba diving. Your excitement level should be directly proportional to the height of the Aquarium which is 91 Feet. The Mall is the Future landmark of Islamabad with different Amenities including an underwater tunnel which will have a variety of sea species imported from all over the world. Located in the prime location on GT road, Islamabad.

The prime attraction of the mall is the world's tallest cylindrical acrylic glass Aquarium one of its kind and also fun-filled scuba diving. The prominent features of the Mall are underwater-tunnel, infinity pool, marine restaurants, sky-walk, blue mosque, and helipad.

The inside features of the mall consist of Underwater Restaurant, Kids area, helipad, Blue Mosque, Luxurious Apartments, Sky-walk, Gym, Infinity Pool.

Prime Features of Aquatic Mall

Marine-themed restaurant

marine theme restaurant

Going out to eat is a tricky business, you need to find a good place that offers good food as well as a good ambiance. Conventional restaurants are boring, customers want fun, excitement and good food all under one roof. So they are choosy about the place they go.  The Aquatic Mall Islamabad will have a perfect spot for you to hang out with family and friends. The mall features a marine-themed restaurant showcasing a wide variety of sea creatures drifting past you. The Aquatic Mall’s Marine Themed restaurant would be an extraordinary experience. Where you’ll get a chance to discover a plethora of marine species through a sheer acrylic aquarium as you wait for your delicious food to arrive.  

 This amazing restaurant will have colorful marine exhibits instead of simple and featureless walls. This will allow you to relish sea creatures as they glide past you munching delectable cuisines.  

Kids Area

The Aquatic mall indoor play area for kids is planned with a view to absorbing your kids in a manner where you feel absolutely free to go shopping or move around The Mall.

IMAX Cinema

The Cinema of The Mall will be to screen the most beautiful, attractive, and elegant characters with their brilliant performances ever viewed all over the world. In addition, We plan and expect it to be far beyond ordinary movies. Our focus will remain on the national/international, and old/new, short plays and long movies at the most affordable cost. Our theme is your refreshment rather than our earnings.

Sky-walk & Infinity Pool

infinity pool Islamabad

The infinity pool of The Aquatic Mall is likely to be a different experience for the residents and customers. We are sure it will address the height phobia and will prove to be a fun spot for the young and elderly alike. Furthermore, the Infinity Pool located on the rooftop is bound to beat the heat of twin cities. The pool is designed to enjoy the mesmerizing view while remaining inside the water.

The Aquatic Mall’s Blue Mosque 

Meshed with a rich blend of faith and architecture, The Aquatic Mall’s splendor mosque will be a monumental marvel for Pakistan. Besides welcoming visitors and worshippers from around the world, the Blue Masjid will be a star attraction that will dominate Islamabad’s skyline.

Once built, it will be a mammoth embodiment of Islamic design framework, inspired by Turkey’s famous ‘Sultan Ahmed Mosque’ — A historical wonder built between the years of 1609-1616 on the orders of the great Sultan Ahmet I. The religious landmark is also known as the ‘Blue Mosque’ is one of the last classical structures from the Ottoman era. Constructed by one of the 16th century’s influential architects, Mimar Sinan — it is a Beethoven-Esque composition of ascending domes and sleek minarets. 

 The Space Mall

The Space Mall will be located at the heart of the beautiful Bahria town. In addition, it presents a presiding space theme with cutting-edge allurements, including a starling experience of weightlessness, just like in space. The mall will be the hub of entertainment, retail, apartments, and dining.

The mall comprises six levels. Level 3 is primarily reserved for a food court, with an outer space atmosphere, 4th and 5th floors are dedicated to apartments/suites, and the 6th level will be a penthouse. In addition to its great size, the space mall attraction will be its vast features, while it is a magnificent type of amusement. 

The main feature of Space mall

  • Pakistan’s First-ever sustainable commercial project, based on the inner cosmic space.
  • The first mall to house gold simulation.
  • First to introduce zero gravity technology in Pakistan.
  • The Architectural design proposes 500 retail shops.

The space mall will be equipped with a gravity-free area, shopping center, food court, apartments, business center, space museum, golf simulator, spa, coffee shop, and penthouse.

Prime features of Space Mall

Zero  Gravity Area
We did and imagined ourselves thriving in a gravity-free environment, ever since. But, as soon as my weight pressed against my seat, I came crashing back to the earth. If you’re someone like us The Space Mall’s gravity-free adventure will be your dream ticket.

However, the space mall leverages disruptive technologies to intimate a gravity-free environment. Enjoy a fully immersive weightless adventure with your friends and dear ones. Now, dreaming is no longer the only way to float in space.
Shopping Mall

It will be a shopping bonanza, but not quite overwhelming. Huge grocery stores, popular clothing brands, home appliances, shoes, the mall just has it all. Fashion enthusiasts can choose from tons of trending options while enjoying artifacts from space. Roaming around one floor to the other will make you a little over a mile so most probably you will get tired. But don’t worry, we will fit benches at every corner, to facilitate you. The space theme will make your shopping experience like no other, while you walk from store to store.

The Space Museum/ Forces floor 

Enter into outer space, while discovering the honorable achievements of our unsung heroes from the forces. The space museum is planned to include a significant amount of space artifacts. Moreover, our galleries display weapons, ornaments, and pictures of the courageous martyrs of Pakistan. The floor is dedicated to paying homage to the wonders that lie beyond and the unheard stories of our brave soldiers.

Golf Simulator

The golf simulator is a next-generation golf adventure that lets you enjoy the game, with all the luxury of indoor. The Space Mall’s golf simulator emulates ball flights to offer a real-life simulation of your favorite game. Whether you’re a professional or a beginner, the stimulator provides you with a game of a lifetime. Bonus features include accurate swing calculations, air resistance, object trajectory, and so much more.

Theme malls uplift real Estate in Pakistan not only bring new international and domestic investment but also create economic stability in the industry. It also increases tourism and brings revenue to the country’s GDP.


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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