Souk Al Dahab Ultimate Place For Jewelry Admirers

An exclusive Gold center planned in the middle of the shopping mall is bound to attract gold, silver, and platinum lovers. The traditional and modern variety is likely to be the hallmark of this place.

8 Tips for Shopping At Souk

Know The Correct Price

Being a spot, each vendor might have different pricing of gold. Head out to the information centers in the souk, that help you by not just steering but also by computing the value of gold and the finest deals available.

Know The Types of Gold Available

Not all gold is the same. Gold comes in different karats and has diverse purity. The purest form of gold is soft and breaks when there is a human touch. Only by mixing out different earth metals like silver, copper, zinc, and nickel, gold hardens and ornaments are made.  So do lots and lots of research before buying them.

Pick The Right Color

Gold is made in different colors these days by mingling alloys in it. There is rose gold, white gold, bright gold, antique gold, matte gold, etc. Select which one you desire to wear without any hurry. After all, you are far away from home and you need to be very careful while picking out your jewel.

Choose The Right Jewelry

There are different kinds of bits and pieces that come in different sizes. People tend to get carried away when surrounded by a huge sum of gold. Be wise and pick the one you want, the representative will weigh them and hand it over to you to try or buy.

Know The Making Price

To make gold ornaments, there is always a creation price. The cost experienced to make the ornament. So try to know the making price and check if the listed price is high or low and then proceed to buy.

Gold is one such product that is a great buy as well as an investment too. Choose wisely and shop for your jewelry. At The Aquatic Mall, we try to give our customers all they wish for and gold is a huge attraction. Happy shopping!


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