See Through Skywalk In Pakistan

Those who love the thrill and want to lead a daring life would know how it feels to walk on a sea through the skywalk. The feeling of fear yet excitement arouses as you walk on a see-through path.

Last year, Pakistan was voted as the number one destination in the world for adventure junkies. From that time the adventurous spots in Pakistan are increasing as the people are exploring and incorporating technologies that other countries are offering. For those people who are thinking to get out of the country to satisfy their thrill-seeking fantasies must know that a See-through skywalk in Pakistan will be launched in a couple of years. So if you are looking for an adventure, an exhilarating glass skywalk swings over the roof of The Aquatic Mall.


Skywalk Islamabad- King of Entertainment destinations

This Skywalk will be located in The Aquatic Mall Islamabad, which is a thematic mall as the name suggests. The mall is equipped with the latest amusements, and the Skywalk is one of them. Skywalk of The Aquatic Mall is planned on the top of the roof which will make the overall experience scarier. The rooftop also has an infinity pool, so that when you are done with the electrifying experience of height, you can enjoy in the serene pool.

This Skywalk will be the best for those who have a height phobia, which will be killed by walking on the transparent floor located at a height. It would be a wonderful spot for friends and families who will have fun which killing each other’s fear.

It should be mentioned here that this is Pakistan’s first skywalk, so it will be a major attraction to the tourist who will be visiting The Aquatic Mall from different parts of the country.

Get ready for a dizzying skywalk at a height in Pakistan

Where the Skywalk located?

This Skywalk is in the rooftop of the marine-themed Mall-The Aquatic Mall. The Aquatic Mall is located in the prime location of GT road easily accessible from people living in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.


What would be the ticket cost for this adventure?

Right now the ticket cost of this skywalk adventure is not finalized; however, the company will try to make it cost-effective. Moreover, being the first of its kind in Pakistan, paying for this attraction will be worth it.

For what else Aquatic Mall can be visited for?

Skywalk is only one attraction among many others planned for The Aquatic Mall. The Aquatic Mall will have a Tallest Aquarium in the world housing a large variety of sea species. The Aquarium will not only add colors to the Mall but will also attract more visitor towards it. A marine-themed restaurant in the food court will also be a significant attraction for people who want to have food in a calm environment. The mall is specially designed for nature lovers who keep on finding ways to keep themselves close to nature.


An infinity pool will accompany the skywalk on the top of the rooftop, giving another thrilling experience to swimmers. Having the temperature controlled water, this pool will be visited by people in all four seasons. The infinity pool will be quite different from regular pools in twin cities as it will act as an awesome piece of beauty in twin cities. The Aquatic Mall is designed keeping in view, beauty, comfort, peace, and nature in mind, it is equipped with latest and safe technologies.

Moreover, The Aquatic Mall offers the best shopping destination in town, having all the local and international brands so that people can find everything in one place.

Which is the largest Sky Walk in the World:

The skywalk is a new concept in Pakistan and is a totally new entertainment destination of the country, however other countries have multiple skywalks providing fun-filled terror to people. World’s Largest Glass Skywalk is high up in China, and we can’t wait to Walk Down. This skywalk is in China’s Qing yuan valley. The bridge is 202 m long with a circular deck suspended at its end ranging to about 16.8 meters in diameter. This glass bridge projects 72 meters outwards from the edge of the cliff, offering spectacular panoramic views of the surroundings.

Why is it a proud moment for Pakistan?

The construction of first ever skywalk in the country will be a proud moment for all Pakistanis out there. Being the first of its kind in Pakistan, this skywalk will shed a positive image of the country and will leave a message that Pakistan is not behind in the adoption of new technologies. Moreover, this skywalk will also encourage other companies to invest in such kinds of attractions to make Pakistanis life happier.

Moreover, the government should also contribute to such attraction as Pakistan is termed as the 10th angriest country in the World. Inclusion of such entertainment destinations will not only showcase the positive image of Pakistan but will also make people reduce their stress level which will in turn help in anger reduction.