The Future of The Shopping Malls In Islamabad

Our world is driven by Digital economy, and with every passing time, everything in this world is getting digitized. With the transforming technological era, Shopping Malls need to be reformed. Basically, shopping malls are defined as

the “combination of one or more building forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnected walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit.

In easy words, Shopping malls are the combination of different shops, the heart of communities, the foundation of retail centers and social place for people. The overall concept of shopping malls is originated from the US, and with its popularity, other countries also adopted the same lifestyle. Asia has the five largest malls, so the race of Malls kept on growing like fire, and finally, Pakistan also adopted it, lately but enthusiastically.

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The new digital world offers mall manufacturers a new opportunity, so it’s high time to turn a new page. With the abrupt and rapid innovation and more focus on customers, new shopping malls are transforming into spaces that can engage the consumer in the best possible way. The modern shopping centers are incorporating mixed-use offerings to meet the future needs of the new generation of shoppers.

With the bloom of e-commerce, people love to do shopping while sitting at home. According to A.T. Kearney Research, one-third of the total retail sales will be online by 2030. Now malls are confused about how to attract people towards itself as they are spending most of the time by shopping through their mobile phones. All the good brands are also extracting new ways to arrange their stores so that they attract most of the customersShopping malls are bringing more entertainment options and food so that people do visit the mall. Tenants are now more focused on the physical appearance of the Mall, and they are also trying to incorporate some different attractive approach which is not introduced by any other competitor to attract a large number of visitors.

Soon those tenants will be successful in the upcoming digital era who will break the previous patterns and practices and embrace the new customer-driven future. So we can imagine how the modern shopping center will look like, in fact, we know that they will be based on latest archetypes.

shopping mall international brands

   More flagship stores will be introduced as large centered spaces are in fashion.

    Now smart spaces are introduced where pooled tenant data is used to create target offerings

    One thing that plays a very active role in attracting customers is by choosing the right demographic or location for your mall

    The uniqueness will fascinate those people who are not interested in shopping anymore but may visit the mall to witness the exceptionality of your mall and in doing so maybe opt for shopping too.

    Introduction of Gym and Spa will attract the target audience which will take monthly membership of Gym and daily services in Spa.

    Introduce compelling users experience such as indoor ski slopes, roller coaster, concert space, or museum providing immersive entertainment.

    A shopping mall should have all the local and international brands meeting customer’s needs.

   A center for shopping should have some area dedicated to kids and gaming zones accompanied by a food court offering a great experience for users.

    Don’t forget to extract a theme for your projects; the malls based on theme easily attract people towards it.

    Focus on experience and convenience.

Form the last some years, Pakistan has seen major reforms when it comes to the entertainment and shopping era. Gone are days when there were no adequate units packed within the shopping malls, now all the big cities offer this facility. Karachi also was known as the metropolitan city has the Most shopping malls in the country providing a great shopping experience to people of the society.

Lahore and Islamabad are lagging behind; however, still, we can see many big malls that are acting as an entertainment hub. Previously the Malls launched in all these big cities were large spaces having all the local and international brands with the inclusion of a Food court and some excursion activities. However with time, the Malls kept on getting better, and finally, we can see some thematic Mall changing the overall era of shopping. In Islamabad, The Aquatic Mall is one of its kind changing the whole way people shop in Malls. The Aquatic Mall is based on a marine theme and overall architecture, color scheme, and projects within are designed to best match with the selected theme.


The Aquatic Mall, following its theme in the best way, is introducing The Tallest aquarium which will include a large variety of sea species in different colors. People who will be visiting the mall will cherish its beauty from all the floors as this Aquarium stretches from floor to ceiling. Besides, it will offer a wonderful experience as all the marine fish, sharks, and other species are imported from a different part of the world. The experience will be fantastic for those people who love water and sea life which is a new world in itself.


Moreover, for keeping the theme alive, The Aquatic Mall has designed an underwater tunnel which will be a thrilling trial for people walking through it. Nothing can be more exciting to see fish swimming over your head as it will give you an option to view these creatures closely from your naked eyes.

The Aquatic Mall has a restaurant where seafood will be served while you sit in the middle of the aquarium. The fish all around you will make the journey memorable for you while at the same time make you praise God for creating the best creatures in this world.

What attracts more people towards itself is the infinity pool at the top of the Mall that is built on international standards. This is the most beautiful amenity of this mall, as it not only facilitates people to go swimming but the recliner on the side of it will provide a perfect view with calmness and peace.

So, the overall scenario of shopping Malls is changed and it has transformed shopping into enjoyment. Now malls are not visited for shopping purposes only, instead, it is visited for enjoyment and amusements.


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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