An Architectural Beauty, Theme Based Shopping Mall brings to you the Best Experience in Islamabad

The ultimate goal of Al-Bari group of companies is to create specific theme-based malls. We here don't just build malls with all the shops in them, each of our malls have a different theme to it. Claiming every one of the devices and right skills Al-Bari intends to give a push to the real estate industry, technology, and entrepreneurship along with an elucidating art of living, providing luxury; an assimilated lifestyle community. We have three main ongoing projects out of which two of them are malls and are specifically designed on a theme. The featured malls are described below for a detailed overview.  

The Aquatic Mall

The Aquatic Mall brings a new idea of luxury to the real estate world, Settled within the heart of the twin cities, the first ever marine-themed mall featuring the world's tallest cylindrical aquarium complemented by a vivid showcase of marine species. 

The Aquatic Mall will be among the top malls in Islamabad equipped with innovation and marine exhibits. The architectural marvel features single and two-bedroom premium apartments, inspired by the classic and exemplary sea life. The gleaming front elevation marks the gateway to the beauty of the underwater world -marine feature mall including the world's tallest cylindrical aquarium complemented by an evocative showcase of marine species. It offers retail, restaurants, entertainment, and residences together in one place. 

The Aquatic Mall is packed with all the luxurious facilities including an underwater tunnel, infinity pool, marine-themed restaurant, Imax cinema, skywalk, and a water park. Al-Bari group of companies soon brings you the next architectural marvel of Pakistan.


Everything you can imagine is real. 

The Aquatic Mall gives you exquisite and unique features to explore and shop with style as well as gives you the opportunity to explore more. A state of the art concept with a vision to revolutionize the ordinary shopping mall experience – all under one roof.

Centralized Aquarium 

Go with the flow

The towering aquarium rises from ground to ceiling, showcasing a diverse marine life. A cylindrical aquarium encapsulating marine life will be the center of attraction for the public. The acrylic glass aquarium will be visible from the ground floor up to the food court of the mall.  

Underwater Tunnel 

Imagination meets reality

Walk along a giant acrylic window constructed at the core of The Aquatic Mall, showcasing the first underwater tunnel in Pakistan. Prepare to step into a mesmerizing channel with calming sights of marine animals. The core motive of this underwater tunnel with marine life is to shift attention from daily life worries to nature’s wonders. 

Shopping Area

Find all your necessities under one roof

Offering everything a buyer could want. Expanded five dedicated floors, the mall will consist of national retail outlets as well as leading international fashion brands. Shopping here would give you a sense of excitement and therapy at the same time. Budget-friendly and a place where you can go out with your friends and family, you name it, all national and international brands are at your service to fulfill all your basic necessities of everyday and otherwise.

Marine Theme Resturant 

Diversity of cuisines 

Dining around a company of marine life is an experience in itself. It offers different cuisines from around the world adding up to the diversity of the mall, made by well learnt and top quality chefs. The marine theme promises a soothing experience. 

Kid,s Area

Life of Happiness

Planned with love, the play area is beautifully designed for kids. A place for fun, growth and knowledge. Your child is free to wander in a safe and secure environment and have fun with all the indoor games some of which will include, trampoline, motion ride and ball pit fight! An ultimate modern, secure destination that will be enjoyable for your loving family.

IMAX Cinema 

Latest cinema technology

Ultimate spots with multi-screens will entice viewers by making themselves feel more like home, comfortable seating, good sound system, fine dining and refreshment. An ideal place for entertainment and movies.

Souk Al Dahab 

The ultimate place for jewelry admirers

An exclusive Gold center planned in the middle of the shopping mall is bound to attract the gold, silver and platinum lovers. The traditional and modern variety is likely to be the hallmark of this place.

Apartment With Lawn 

Go organic – live peacefully

Introducing apartments with a private lawn, endless views of wide-open skies, and fully equipped with organic lawns. Every apartment comes with a balcony lawn, packed with lush green plantations. 

Deluxe Suites 

Relax and enjoy your stay

Our Deluxe Suites include floor-to-ceiling windows and are designed with a huge aquarium on one side of the suite. Redefining luxury, located on the scenic top floor of the mall, the suites reflect a combination of style, comfort and luxury. 


Defined luxury 

Rooftop helipad, a feature that is a statement of status. Al-Bari group brings a new design element to Pakistan.

Infinity Pool 

To infinity and beyond

Allow yourself to engage in stunning scenes as you relax at the rooftop infinity pool. Beat the heat of the twin cities the pool is designed for the young and elders to relax and also enjoy the scenic view. 

Sky Walk 

Up so high

Walking is an opportunity to travel at the pace of life and capture beauty in detail, our skywalk gives you the opportunity to explore and look around. Sky walk of the aquatic mall is bound to provide a different and better experience for the residents and the visitors.  

Business Center

Deals sealed

The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe in what you believe. Our business center provides all the facilities to make your dreams into reality.

These are all the features of The Aquatic Mall, explained in detail. 

The Space Mall 

Located in the Bahria Intellectual Village, Spring North, Shaheen chowk, Phase 7, Bahria town Islamabad Punjab, Pakistan. The space mall is an exclusive space-themed mall offering top notch amenities like shopping mall, zero gravity area and golf simulator and invites you to delve into the world of luxury and adventure. Tasteful restaurants in the food court cater to the widest range of cuisines. 

If you want to visit space and beyond and experience life in space even when living on earth, now is your time! Designed by an effective team of local and foreign professionals, the space mall strives to be the pivot of luxury shopping with all the finest fashion brands under one roof.

The space mall promises you an unforgettable experience with your friends and family.

These are two main themed malls being built in the twin cities. Both are top projects of the Al-Bari group of companies and are gaining the attention of the locals as well as people from around Pakistan. The Aquatic mall as well as The Space Mall, both are providing the latest trends and technological advancements to the people for their ease and feasibility. Their features are unique and full of luxury. 

Child Care Center

Place for growth and entertainment for your child with a Fun-Filled secure environment, Planned with love.

Golf Simulator 

The best option for you is to fill your hunger for games. Enjoy virtual golf in a stress-free environment.

Forces Floor 

The knowledge that interprets and displays items of the armed forces and displays artifacts, a place for scientific significance.

Space Museum 

Discover one of the most awe-inspiring views of the galaxy with entertaining visitors; it's your hub of information.

Shopping Center 

Space themed mall with a variety of brands, Based on 5 floors now get all facilities under one roof.

Coffee Shop

The best cafe for the city's early birds and night owls is your Ideal place for hanging out. Enjoy the beauty of the city from the rooftop.

Food Court 

The perfect place to fine dine with your friends and family featuring Delicious cuisines.


Calming and relaxing elements, revive your body and mind all treatments combined with healing benefits

Fitness Center

The motivational force for everyone with state-of-the-art facilities. Keep yourself focused

Business Center 

Well-equipped and spacious offices, Professional workspace we are Catering to every kind of business needs

Zero Gravity

To space and beyond, the sensation of weightlessness a world of luxury and adventure

Kid,s Area

Planned with care, let your kids enjoy while you shop. A modern, comfortable and secure environment 


Offering an environment of comfort, Stylish and luxurious apartments with a spacious and lavish living

Swimming Pool 

Revive - Relive – Refresh offering a temperature-controlled pool fully equipped with safety tools. 

The next project in the making of the Al-Bari group is the five-star hotel.

5 Star Hotel

The 5 star hotel is being constructed on a total area of 131.6 Kanal and is perceived as a place which stimulates positive energy and peaceful living. The hotel shall be illustrating various ethnic cuisines, a striking architecture and a place which is being developed on a land which shows fine-looking landscapes of the potohar plains, the Soan River and Bahria town Islamabad.

The major development modules of this grand project is not just a 5 star hotel but along with it, a themed retail mall, offices, exclusive residential apartments, an exciting and diverse food street and an elite fun center!

The hotel is being constructed on the hilltop for a breathtaking view and all the services and facilities are being provided at excellent quality and everything is being custom designed and purposefully built.

All these projects are of top notch quality and they have never been introduced or made in Pakistan before. Every project has its own separate value, a different theme and out class features.

Pakistan is developing, more malls, hotels and industrial development is taking place. The difference between all other projects and Al-Bari group is that their projects are on vast land and no other company offers such a huge and obtainable facility. 


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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