12 Compelling Reasons To Invest In Pakistan Real Estate

Did you know that 90% of millionair earned money by investing in real estate? It is one of the most reliable methods, trust us on this one. When we factor in several other crucial considerations, investing in Pakistan real estate amplifies your odds of success. It is a billion-dollar industry!

The Pakistan real estate industry is loaded with lucrative investment opportunities. Whether you buy a property for sale, a house for sale, or invest in a commercial project for capital gains, there is a definite chance to strike gold. You will earn an immediate return on investments to secure your future financially. Not convinced yet?

We have compiled a list of reasons why investing in real estate is the safest, secure, and inherently most practical choice. Let’s start:

Themed Commercial Projects

The real estate sector is rapidly transforming as various companies introduce innovative and creative attractions to gain a competitive edge in the highly competitive market. Al-Bari Group of Companies are the trendsetters in launching aesthetically appealing shopping malls in Pakistan. Our project, The Aquatic Mall, boasts Pakistan’s first underwater themed restaurant, cylindrical aquarium, and skywalk. Shoppers who want a break from their shopping spree can enjoy breathtaking views at the skywalk, beauty of marine life at the restaurant, and a refreshing swim at the infinity pool. 

This emerging trend in the real estate industry is not likely to die in the foreseeable future. In addition to a one-stop destination for shopping, people now demand more amusing experiences from malls. Therefore, to cater to the growing customer needs, developers are turning up to luxurious amenities and fascinating attractions. All these attributes secure the future of malls in Pakistan, and so does of investors.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)

CPEC is a long route, covering Gwadar seaport, highways, railways, and pipelines. It will spread upon 3218 kilometers and serve as a major gamechanger for the real estate industry. It will skyrocket Pakistan’s economy and GDP. Hence, we can expect a huge boom in property rates by approx 2025.

Under the strategic value of CPEC, investing in commercial and residential real estate will bring true perks for long-term profits. 

CPEC has already started attracting foreign investments in Pakistan. Recently, China revealed that CPEC lured USD 46 billion of investments so far. This proves how beneficial this project will be in shaping the property sector.

The route will also pave the way for Chinese to reside in Pakistan. This will shoot up the demand for luxurious and modernized residential properties in Pakistan. Any property for sale is guaranteed to deliver a huge return on investments. It’s all a win-win scenario. 

Economic Growth

According to Harvard University, Pakistan’s GDP will rise to 5.07%, in the next decade. Thus a bounteous impact on the economy means more productivity and a greater number of vacancies. To accommodate foreigners and locals, relocating for jobs, more residential real estate is needed. In turn, yielding more beneficial opportunities for investors. 

Easy Instalment Plans

Commercial projects in Pakistan offer best-suited 3 to 5 year plans to buy real estate in installments. It comprises a 20% to 30% initial down payment with a sum of money to be paid on a monthly or quarterly basis. The buyer is not allowed to sell the property until all installments are paid. This makes it extremely easy on the pocket to add a new asset in  your property portfolio. Furthermore, the investors can avoid taking a shot in the dark by investing in diversified property types. The most captivating benefit of installments is that it remains the same, despite a hit in property costs. 

Tax Benefits

Investments are complicated. There are various taxes and other elements associated with them. However, as far as commercial properties are concerned, these taxes can be used for one’s benefit. 

The market value of commercial projects is indirectly proportional to building reduction. This means your assets’ financial worth eventually grows in time. 

But, it’s physical worth will drop, usually in 27.6 years. Also, other aspects might fall over ten years. All these losses can be balanced out through a small proportion of market value profits. 

Huge Returns

If you’re an investor, you aim to search for real estate that will give you huge, rewarding returns. This is where The Aquatic Mall scores heavily as compared to other Pakistan real estate projects. What’s enticing about this project is that it provides immediate monthly income.

Transparency and Security

Transparency and security are two vital components of real estate transactions. The idea of transparency includes a vast range of areas, from fair practices, legitimate documents, and no hidden costs. Before you hand over the check, ensure that the realtor processes are clear as glass. There is nothing fishy about them.

Many realtors deceive their clients with false prices. They sell a house or property at a relatively higher price. Do yourself a favor and conduct thorough market research to compare the prices. If you’re looking for a reliable real estate agency, Green Earth offers investors the chance to securely and transparently purchase a house for sale, a property or sale, or invest in commercial projects.

Stable Market

Real estate investments are relatively more stable than stock or share investment. Once in a blue moon, the industry strikes recession. Usually, it remains at a smooth pace. This means there is a fat chance to experience loss in the sector. Therefore, they are ideal for risk-averse people.

When things run smoothly, and they usually do, prices of Pakistan real estate grow with greater percentages. So, it guarantees security, safety, and liquidity, unlike any other industry.

Affordable Prices To Meet Competition

Pakistan saw a tremendous increase in development projects in the past decade. Huge commercial and residential real estate projects gave rise to competition in the market. This contributed to lower real estate prices. The developers are financed by powerful international and national groups of companies. These groups of companies pay lesser construction taxes. As a result, markets become competitive, and investors get limitless choices, decreased costs, and quality services to beat their rivals.

Great Rental Yields

Rental yield is a key ingredient of property investment. It refers to the rent earned in a year, through real estate. Rental yields are better collected through commercial units. Although, luxurious residential real estate like apartments have greater yields than low-cost houses. But, if you own a commercial property, you are most likely to get high paying tenants.

Renting serves as a steady source of income. Moreover, as the economy grows, so does rental values, which in turn translates into lucrative capital values. All this boils down to security, stability, and safety in the real estate industry. 

Infrastructure Developments

The main cities of Pakistan, namely Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi, experienced startling infrastructure developments in the past decade. For example, construction of Islamabad expressway ensured close proximity and increased prices of housing schemes surrounding it. 

The government of Pakistan also acknowledges the significance of improved infrastructures in Pakistan. This includes both economic and social development. To cater to the needs of construction businesses in Pakistan, the government is actively filling gaps in infrastructure. Ring road Islamabad construction is approved. As well as, construction of PWD pass and Korang bridge. 

Foreign Investment Incentives

According to a report by UNCTAD report, foreign direct investment( FDI) increased from $ 1.7 billion to 2.2 billion, in 2019. The government offers various grants and incentives to foreign investors for striking FDI. These include:

  • Concession in Taxes
  • Tax and duty exemption
  • R & D ( Research and development)
  • Low-interest loans

These incentives are well guarded by strong laws such as the Foreign Private Investment Act 1976 and Protection of Economic Reforms Act 1992. Alluring tax concessions are also obtainable by overseas investors. 

Best Real Estate Investments in Pakistan

If you’re looking for lucrative investments in Pakistan, read on. A few of the best commercial investment opportunities are:

It is the first marine-themed mall in Pakistan. Its construction is in progress and will be completed by 2022. The project offers a huge return on investment opportunities with easy installments, low down payment, and monthly income. 

The space mall is the first space-themed mall. Its proposed location is in Bahria Town Rawalpindi. This is a project of the Al-Bari Group of Companies. It offers secure and transparent investments with guaranteed profits.

Bottom Line

Pakistan’s real estate industry is flourishing. Experts reveal that the industry contributes largely to economic growth. However, there are risks and scams involved in the sector. Click here to read about them in detail. 

These can be eliminated with proper market research and verification of property documents. Investing in devoted projects like The Aquatic Mall offers safety and a huge return on investments. For further details contact us at +92-335-1115551 / 0800-55-155


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