Islamabad New Malls

A Good Opportunity for Investment & Shopping

Islamabad is full of scenic beauty and opportunities, due to which many people have shifted there. With the growing population In Pakistan, the need for excursion points are also increasingly giving rise to Islamabad New Malls based on Different Themes. Such Malls are inspired by big thematic malls in different developed countries.

Previously, six to seven years back, twin cities lacked such Malls and had to go to Lahore and Karachi for good shopping experience. It should be mentioned here that no doubt, Islamabad was full of brands in previous years too, but all the brads were scattered in different sectors. There was a dire need of a one big place incorporating all the brands under one roof.  Centaurus was the first big mall in Islamabad catering to the needs of thousands of people by providing good shopping and outing place. All the major national and international brands opened their outlets which were a big hit. Monitoring the growing customer’s fun city and Cinema was also designed and became operational in No time. Metro Bus also provided a plus point to the Centaurus Mall, as it was in walking distance from PIMS.

However, the Centaurus couldn’t keep all the customers as soon Safa Gold Mall was inaugurated. Located in Jinnah Supper, this mall of Islamabad can accommodate thousands of shoppers. The best thing about this mall is that it has dedicated a floor to Swimming center and GYM which makes this place perfect for people with fitness hobby.  However both these malls were easily reachable by people of Islamabad, but people residing in Rawalpindi had to travel long distance which was a major setback.

Keeping In view the growing need of a Mall in Rawalpindi, Giga Mall was built, which diverted shoppers from Rawalpindi towards itself. This is one of the largest malls including all the brands with their outlets larger than the malls mentioned above. Due to large malls and more variety, Giga Mall even gathers resident of Islamabad towards itself. Giga Mall, Islamabad big shopping mall attracted all the customers towards itself.

The story doesn’t end here! Islamabad new malls are under construction, but their plan reveals that they will be far much better than the malls already present in Islamabad. All the upcoming malls in Islamabad are thematic, which is entirely different from a regular shopping experience provided by the Malls in Islamabad that are already present.

These malls also provide good investment opportunities to people who are looking to invest in something with good turn over. Different Malls in Islamabad, are also giving property on Installments which is the best option for people who come across the dilemma of paying too much cost at the same time while purchasing a property.

For people who want to know about the new malls coming soon in Islamabad and looking to invest in them, here are some malls:

The Aquatic Mall:

The Aquatic Mall is a new name in the real estate sector but has come with a bang. This Mall is located in the prime location of GT road, which is easily accessible by people throughout twin cities. The eye alluring thing about The Aquatic Mall is that it is based on Marine theme and also has the tallest aquarium housing many sea species. So, this place would not be only for a shopper but is also for people who want to stay close to nature. The Aquatic Mall-Where Nature meets Beauty, is the best description one can ever use to describe such mall.


Moreover, the mall will have 11 stories having national and international outlets, Apartments, Food court, Gym, and kids zone.  This mall is targeted for the elite class, so the rooftop has a helipad, which is something very different when compared to other malls in Islamabad. The mall is expected to be completed by 2022 until then wait and watch. When it comes to new Malls, this is Islamabad best shopping mall based on a unique theme.

As far as the payment plan is concerned, the booking starts from 25% down payment, and the rest of the amount can be paid in 4 years installments.

The Atlantis Mall:

The Atlantis Mall is bringing the new Era of Shopping by introducing this entertainment hub in the heart of Pakistan. It is a mix entertainment segment including shopping, entertainment, and residential floor. Keeping in view its floor plans, this mall is expected to be the most successful visiting place due to its architecture, leisure and shopping convince.  The Mall is located in F-17 sectors, so it is easily accessible for people of Islamabad; however, People living in Rawalpindi will have to face difficulty. However, it cannot be denied that this mall serves as the pivotal location providing the best shopping experience in Twin Cities.

As far as the payment plan is concerned, the booking starts from 10% down payment and the rest of the amount can be paid in 4 years installments.

Mall Of Islamabad:

It is one of the biggest projects of Bahira Town located at the prime Location in Blue Area Islamabad near stock exchange. The Mall of Islamabad has retail shops for local and international brands, corporate office and 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom apartments, offering a healthy lifestyle. As far as Mall of Islamabad Booking is concerned, bookings are open on first-come, first-served basis on three years easy installments. If you are interested in the project, you need to make the move now. Mall of Islamabad prices will be quite high when compared to other malls as it is a project of Bahria town. Mall of Islamabad new shopping mall will for sure take all the customers of Centaurus Mall and Safa Gold Mall in near future.

The Olympus Mall / Olympus Shopping Mall:

Olympus mall is a new shopping complex and is almost completed.  Based on five floors, the mall is very well designed and currently include a food court and a few shops. Like other malls it is also centrally air-conditioned and has escalators; however, maybe it will take some times to gather some good brands as currently the mall lack it. Islamabad new shopping mall, The Olympus, has everything one can ask for.

Based on five floors, Mall include different shops and food courts. In order to make shopping easier for people, wide alleyways, wide stairs, fast-moving lifts and escalators are designed. The Olympus Mall Islamabad has many shops of 207-450 square feet, available  on easy installments of 1.5 years.

This mall is good for investment, but there are better opportunities available in Islamabad.

Amazon Mall:

This is a new mall located in the hub of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Grand Trunk road. Basically, the Mall is located on GT road near DHA 2 Gate 1. The primary aim of this mall is to provide a tranquil environment for the residents of twin cities. The best thing about this mall is that it is designed in such a way that it looks like a ship- which is a new way of advertising your product. This Islamabad new mall, will make its way like a bullet in no time due to amazing architecture.

The Mall is a good investment and allows installment-based investments.

Mall of Arabia:

As the name suggests, Mall of Arabia is inspired from the Arab world and will be based on history and traditions. According to the company, they are incorporating some good architecture in the construction of this mall, and this mall will be the most beautiful one in Pakistan.

The mall is located right in the middle of DHA and Bahria Town, easily accessible by people of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The mall offers residential apartments, shops, and offices for sale. It is an ideal investment opportunity for investors.

Bottom Line:

Soon people of Twin Cities will have so many malls, that it would be difficult for them to decide where to go. The malls of Islamabad, have every new technology one can ever ask for. However, it’s the right to invest in them! So what are you waiting for?