8 Life Changing Investment Opportunities To Consider in 2020

Most people squirrel away a certain portion of their money, every month, to build up their savings. No doubt, that’s a great practice. But, for long-term benefits, you may want to consider an investment that has the potential to give strong returns. Whether you want to add extra cash to your salary or free yourself from nine to five employment, investing is a wise and deliberate decision. Malls in Islamabad have so many best investment opportunities.

Success in investment depends upon higher cognitive processes. To keep your options open, we composed a mix list of investment opportunities to help you look for your ideal fit. 

Real Estate

Malls in Islamabad

Real estate is the most popular investment method in Pakistan. People buy a property, according to their capital, and then wait; the moment prices hit sky-high, they sell it. This is a safe and secure investment because a market downturn or recession hardly ever happens in this industry. Moreover, you get complete ownership of a property. As far as liquidity is concerned, it totally depends upon the type of property you own. 

There are many reasons to invest in reasons real estate in Pakistan. Real estate appreciates faster. Also, there is a high demand for innovative commercial projects. People now demand more than adjacent stores from a mall. One such project that caters to customers growing amusement needs is The Aquatic Mall. It’s the first marine-themed mall where people can shop freely while relishing remarkable marine sights. Additionally, there are plenty of other choices as well. For example, you can purchase a grey structure of the house, invest in its finishing, and then sell for a higher price. You can go for a commercial shop and earn good rent, every month, etc.

The real estate industry is flooded with cheaters and tricksters. Always pick real estate agents and companies that are reliable and conduct transparent transactions. Before investing, remember to cross check if the project or scheme is verified by development authorities like CDA, LDA, etc. 


As of 11th August 2020, a brand new Honda City 1.5L price is Rs 2.529 million. According to Dawn News, the company increased prices in July by Rs 1400- 20,000. And then reported another rise in August, in the range of Rs 60,000- 100000. The price range graph is almost same for Suzuki, Toyota, and imported cars. Likewise, after every few months, there is a jump in the prices of used cars. This paves way for short-term investment opportunities. However, 2019 proved to be a rocky year for the auto sector due to expensive price lines. Sales came to a grinding halt, according to Express Tribune. So, 2020 might not be a wise choice to invest in cars. We suggest to wait till the prices come back at an affordable range and then make your clever move.

Saving Account

A saving account offers to deposit money, with a fixed number of withdrawing and transferring services. Saving accounts by most financial institutions are insured by FDIC. Also, many banks don’t offer any chequebook and debit card facilities. Sounds good? Finally, an adequate way to secure our savings.  

If you have less capital, then this opportunity is all you need. It is an ideal choice for those who want to set aside some money for crisis. It is most suitable for students, housewives, and fresh graduates. You can easily open a savings account with a minimal amount. The earned profit depends upon factors like amount, tenor, etc. 

A few good options to open savings accounts are HBL, UBL, Standard Chartered, and National Bank. Its greatest perk includes lower financial risk, freedom to draw money wherever required, minimal monthly fees, and decrease interest rates. The only disadvantage of savings accounts is a small return on investment.

Minimum Investment:

Rs 500

Stock Market

You probably know about stocks from evening news. It mostly reports that the stock market has an awesome day. Do you find yourself wishing you were investing in stocks?

Stocks refer to the owned certificates by an individual in a company. On the contrary, a share is a stock certificate of a well-established company. When you hold a stock in a company, you own a piece of that company. It makes you a stockholder of a company. 

The secret to earning money through stocks is to stay in for a long time. The higher the length of your time, the higher the chances to earn great returns. Unfortunately, people pull out their stocks, the moment the market hit rock bottom. And, they let go of annual profits or dividends. Dividends are regular income paid by the company to investors. Panic selling is very common, leading to huge losses for investors. Let’s suppose, you bought 1000 shares in a company which costs Rs 10,000. The stock market crashed and the price of your shares dropped to Rs 3000. If you sell these shares immediately, you will suffer a net loss of Rs 7000. However, if you stay put, there is a greater chance for the market to rebound and you to redeem the loss. 

The process starts by hiring a broker. You cannot invest directly in shares. The broker will be responsible for taking care of exchange commodities, taxes, and income on your behalf. 

 Investing in the stock market is an emotional roller coaster ride. The prices go up and down, all the time. Moreover, you require complete training, along with the capability to build strategies and use tools.


Bonds are similar to lottery tickets. The only difference is you don’t lose any cash. If you don’t win cash prizes, you will get your invested money back. It’s a great way to invest if you are not sure about mutual funds or equities.

They are sorted into two types: 

Fixed rate: interest rate is fixed over time

Floating rate: interest rate varies as per market value. 

The Government of Pakistan provides bonds starting from a price range of Rs 100. The types include US Special Dollar Bonds, Investment Bonds, Government Bonds, Wapda Bonds, National Saving Bonds, and Ijarah Sukuk. Pakistan Investment Bonds are long-term and can be paid in six monthly installments. They are issued in multiples of Rs 100000. Auction schedules are declared quarterly. On the other hand, Sukuk contains floating coupon payments, pay profits twice a year, and comply with Shariah. 

Type of investors: Lower to high income group

Minimum Investment amount: Rs 100

Return on Investment: varies upon the type of bond.

Risk Involved: None


As on 11th August 2020, 24k gold per Tola rate is Rs 127,400. Last year, its rate was around Rs 68,000. This clearly reflects that gold yields a greater return on investment. The good part is you don’t have to pay any government taxes. If you’re a Muslim, it’s obligatory to pay 2.5% of the market value as Zakat. 

For those who want to invest, try gold bars and coins. Buying gold in pure form yields greater returns. In contrast to owning gold by means of jewellery. There are making charges involved, ranging from 6-14%.

Gold has the highest liquidity rate. You can sell and earn profits by visiting a jewellery store nearby, at any time. Remember to verify the authenticity of gold. The market is filled with scammers who intimate it and sell as real. A simple trick to verify its purity is to stick it to a magnet. Pure gold is never attracted to magnets. 

Peer To Peer Lending

As the name implies, it includes direct financial transactions between two individuals, eliminating intermediaries of any sort. A person may loan money to another individual with an interest and payback period. If you’re considering this type of investment, you must be aware of fraud risk. Always lend money to trustworthy people, and follow a proper documentation process. 

Mutual Funds

Mutual funds involve several investors that pull in money for a joint investment scheme. The scheme is run by an asset management company (AMC), permitted by the Exchange Commission of Pakistan. These funds create and sell new units in order to attract new investors. And, then invest money on their behalf in diversified securities and other financial assets for returns. It’s characteristics include:

  • Can purchase units directly or through an agent.
  • A group of asset management companies operate investment portfolios. 
  • Securities and exchange commission registered trustees have custody of all assets.
  • The units are easy to sell.

Wrap up

There is no best time to review your investment strategy. If your current investment isn’t making you any money, it’s time to switch to another.  With so many choices, it’s essential to weigh the perks and drawbacks of an investment. This blog is just for educational purposes. We strongly recommend our audience to conduct thorough research before choosing an investment option. Good luck in your future endeavours.