Theme Mall Innovates Real Estate Industry

Theme mall innovates real estate industry. In addition the real estate industry has always been a bit old-fashioned when it comes to dealing with its challenges. However with new technological innovation continually being introduced, along tech-savvy millennials, who are steadily dominating the market with their tech innovation. Moreover You will find many enterprises morphing and evolving in response to these changes particularly real estate.

Innovation in Real estate/Construction:

The year 2020 brings technological innovation to real estate. Real estate consumer base is increasingly being dominated by educated young professionals. Moreover more than 71% of them are looking to buy their own homes that will offer the best amenities and perks possible, including nearby shopping centers, parks, food courts, movie theaters and recreational areas.


Theme mall idea is now possible with the help of Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Virtual reality and civil engineering bring the idea of theme malls into reality. Pakistan is adapting fast in order to compete with the international real estate market and innovation. Basically The plan is to go head to head with international competitors. Smart homes technology is now implemented in Pakistan. Although IOT (Internet of Things) enables technology used by young IT professionals to harvest different products particularly related to real estate. This technology will allow customers to have control of their home, shop and apartment with just one tap.

Attracting Real Estate Investors Through Crowdfunding:


Another innovation that gained popularity in the real estate industry in recent years is crowdfunding. Many saw it as a better way to invest in real estate ventures and theme malls. Since it removes the need for a broker and helps them avoid other risks. Such as connecting with poor property managers and making bad investment.

Plus thanks to newer technologies and better connectivity. Now crowd funding also allows you to more easily get bonds that will ensure your interest and guarantee that the real estate industry which capital is estimated to reach around $8 billion in the not-so-distant future.

Digital marketing is now the future of marketing, traditional marketing is now obsolete. Creating digital content helps target a large amount of audience with just the click of a button. Digital marketing eliminates the gap one to one marketing and uses filters to target interest based audiences that are looking to a product like yours.

Role of Technology in Real Estate Industry of Pakistan:

Now In Pakistan millions of users are now using the internet. 3G, 4G and LTE services are now available with the fastest internet speed. The online real estate portals target users irrespective of their location in Pakistan. These websites also analyze the behavior of people and their interest patterns. There are many agents, builders who got success by using new technology in developing smart commercial and residential estate.


Theme Mall Vision:


The theme mall is now being the trend in most of the developed and developing countries. Moreover Dubai is now leading in the construction and real estate industry with its modern architectural design, fast construction process and latest machinery. However Pakistan has now led its way up in constructions and real estate, government flexible policies has allowed Pakistani people to invest in real estate.

Pakistan 1st Theme Mall Projects:


Pakistan 1st theme mall project is started by Al-Bari Group of companies. The idea of Al-Bari GOC enables Pakistan to think beyond the modern mall. Al- Bari GOC started the project of the Aquatic mall in 2017 in Islamabad capital territory.  Syed Asim Raza founder of Al Bari GOC aims to set a new trend by reshaping the real estate sector of Pakistan.

Aquatic Mall Pakistan 1st theme mall by Al Bari (GOC):

The Aquatic Mall is Pakistan’s First underwater themed Mall designed with perfection and care. It stretches on 39 Kanal and 13 Marla. The mall has luxurious facilities that one can ask for. The Aquatic Mall is design by Mr.Kamal Sinan Pakistan architectural firm Archentire. Construction of the project is by Sepcomp Constructions.

 The prime attraction of the mall is world tallest cylindrical acrylic glass Aquarium one of its kind and also fun-filled scuba diving. In addition the prominent features of Mall are underwater tunnel, infinity pool, marine restaurant, sky walk, blue mosque and helipad.

The inside features of the mall consist of Underwater Restaurant, Kids area, Water park, Cinema, The Luxurious Apartments, Sky walk, Gym, Infinity Pool.

Aquatic mall Entertainment:


The Aquatic Mall also includes entertainment in the form of an underwater restaurant, Kids fun area, Water Park, Cinema, Skywalk, Gym and Infinity pool.

Theme Mall Food Court:


The Aquatic Mall also consists of a full floor food court with international fast food chain, multinational coffee shop.

Mall Apartment & Shops:


Aquatic mall also have Single bed, Double bed and family size apartments with balcony lawn on 7th and 8th floor of the aquatic mall. Moreover shops are available on the 1st and 2nd floor with lucrative returns.

Space Mall by Al Bari (GOC):


The Space Mall will be located at the heart of beautiful Bahria town. It presents a presiding space-theme with cutting edge allurements, including a starling experience of weightlessness, just like in space.  The mall will be the hub of entertainment, retail, apartments and dining.

In addition the mall comprises six levels, Level 3 is primarily reserved for a food court, with an outer space atmosphere, 4th and 5th floors are dedicated to apartments/suites, and the 6th level will be a penthouse. In addition to its great size, the space mall attraction will be its vast features, while it is a magnificent type of amusement. 

The main feature of Space mall:

  • Pakistan First-ever sustainable commercial project, based on the inner cosmic space.
  • The first mall to house gold simulation.
  • First to introduce zero gravity technology in Pakistan.
  • The Architectural design proposes 500 retail shops.

Although the space mall will be equipped with a gravity free area, shopping center, food court, apartments, business center, the space museum, golf simulator, business center, spa, coffee shop and penthouse.

Pakistan Real Estate Industry leading Robust Economic Stability:

The Pakistan Real Estate market has evolved into a vital source of economic growth in the country. The combined direct contribution of construction and real estate to the country’s GDP has been growing more than higher than 9% of the past decade.

 *According to the report by State Bank of Pakistan, the demand for apartments has increased sufficiently in urban areas, fueling the surge in the number of newly constructed high-rise luxury apartments in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad. All these numbers are good indicators of growth in a country like Pakistan*

Real Estate is a rewarding career path for youngsters, especially fresh graduates, to kick starts their professional career. Young professionals can have an excellent opportunity to learn from experienced and reliable property and development advisors who can mentor their burgeoning interest in this sector.


Pakistan innovation in real estate and construction industry will revolutionize the Real Estate Industry. The combination of Information technology, virtual reality and IOT will change the living patterns of the people. Theme based mall, high rise building and smart homes will be the next commodity of the people. Al Bari’s contribution to the real estate industry creates a new competition in this industry competitors have to think outside the box to attract foreign and local investors.


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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