Infinity Pools Adding Beauty to the World

Infinity Pools

In this busy world, everyone is running after money and job. In order to do so, our life has lost the major charm where one should have a room of fun and excursion activities. There comes a time in your life, when you are fed up of the same old routine and want something new in life. At that stage, with less time you have to choose an activity that not only gives you happiness but also let you lead a healthy life. So keeping in view both aspects, nothing is more enjoyable than a vigorous exercise that gives your happiness and joy at the same time: Swimming.

Swimming is the best and soothing hobby one can ever ask for, and if you opt for it in summers, you have got everything. In summers when everything is burning, nothing can make you feel cold but a swimming pool having cold water. It’s true that Infinity pool provides you with soothing effect in summers; however, it doesn’t mean that one cannot swim in winters. Now with the auto heating system, the temperature of pools are maintained in such a way that people can be facilitated with them in all seasons.

Infinity Pools are making their way to Pakistan

With the growing interest of Swimming, many theme parks are also made which have some water rides leading to the swimming pool at the end. Such water parks do not offer monthly package, however, one can enjoy them every month to say goodbye to an old boring routine.

Some wise person said Water is life and he was totally right as water not only saves your life but it also makes your life memorable and offers the best way to cherish it. Keeping in view the growing demand of Infinity swimming pools, many big pools are also made in the vicinity of different malls.

Now even in winters, if someone is suffering from winter blues and short dark days, don’t worry, and just look for the best infinity pools around the world.

Here are some beautiful Infinity Pools throughout the world. Let’s have a look

Infinity Pool on 55-Storey Marina Bay Sand Hotel Singapore:

This infinity pool will definitely blow your mind. Made on the top of 55 stories building in Singapore, this pool is nothing less than the adventure. Guess how it will feel like swimming on the top where the rest of the world seems small.

Infinity Pool in Bali:

A multistoried infinity pool is very famous in Bali offering the best experience to people. This pool has been awarded as the best swimming pool in the world. The pool is so beautiful that it is encased between the greenery of the jungle. This swimming pool is also located at a height which makes it somewhat scary and adventurous as well.

Sereno Lago di Como, Italy:

This infinity pool situated in Italy has the best ever view. The clean water looks wonderful whereas the mountains on the back add to its beauty making it more modern and romantic.

Four Seasons Resort Seychelles:

The pools of Seychelles are considered to be the finest, made with care. This private hillside infinity pool provides the best view ever. One can feel nature close to himself while looking at the blue water all around. The excitement level further doubles when this resort provides soak in your room indoor and infinity edge bathtub attached to it.

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania:

This infinity pool is open all the four seasons and is built in the heart of wildlife-dense Serengeti National Park. One can also see herds of elephants all around and sometime giraffes and zebras too. This pool is a perfect example of feeling nature close to your heart.

How Pakistanis will be cherished with the Infinity Pool at Roof Top

For Pakistan, Infinity Pool is a new thing, but that doesn’t mean that there are no pools here. All the major cities of Pakistan like Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi are facilitating the people by introducing such pools in the vicinity. No doubt they are not up to the mark when compared with the infinity pools mentioned above, but after some time we will see such pools in Pakistan too.

Different societies are catering to residents need by introducing the Family pool facility. However restaurants and malls are not behind, they have also introduced pools to attract the most number of users. Such swimming pools not only adds to a new excursion activity for people but also add to the beauty of society or restaurant where they are located.

The Aquatic Mall has also decided to include infinity pool in Islamabad which will be located on the rooftop of the Mall. Well, many would be thinking if it would be the same as the one I have mentioned above. Yes, it would be quite the same to them providing comfortable swimming to people visiting the mall. Being the first of its kind, Infinity Pool of Aquatic Mall is designed keeping in view Pakistan and will act as the landmark in Twin Cities. This pool will not only add to the beauty of the mall but will also facilitate people who want to enjoy swimming as their hobby.  The Aquatic Mall will be termed as the Infinity Pool Mall in Islamabad when gets operational due to its beauty and calmness.

infinity pool aquatic

Moreover, The Aquatic Mall will also have other excursion spots in the mall like Skywalk, marine themed restaurant and the tallest Aquarium in the world. All these amusements will further beautify the Mall. So, let’s wait and watch how the Aquatic Mall’s Infinity Swimming Pool will add to the beauty of the mall.

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