The Government is Eliminating NOC Condition

The government is eliminating the previous no-objection certificate (NOC), in regards to constructing high-rise buildings near the airport. Naphda (Naya Pakistan Housing and Development Authority) has recommended the federal cabinet to put an end to the NOC.
The preexisting stipulation required developers to get a prior NOC (from CAA and PAF) before constructing high rise buildings nearby airports. However, with the new clause developers don’t need a NOC If they are constructing 15km from the location of the airports. Although, this condition only applies to 5 major cities including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan, and Peshawar. The former chairman of ABAD (Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan), Hassan Bakshi said this post conducting a meeting with the Chairman of Naphda. He further added that the government has designed new construction plans, defining the maximum scalability of buildings that need to be constructed in the cities. Therefore, builders now have to follow the mapping for a secured aircraft journey across the country. 
Naphda is made up of several stakeholders from various branches of federal and provincial ministries as well as professionals within the private sector. During the Naphda meeting, all parties in attendance were notified that the Balochistan and Sindh governments have reduced the tax on land transfer to 2%. It was also highlighted that all changes regarding land approval rules and regulations were to be updated on the city’s respective website. This will save a ton of time and enable developers to construct according to the latest design and building plans.


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