Frequently Asked Questions

How to find aquatic mall shops for sale?

The Aquatic Mall is a new project which has come with a bang. Due to the major attractions like the tallest aquarium, infinity pool and skywalk, this shopping center is a major attraction for people of Pakistan. Keeping in view these attractions, many people are looking to invest in it. Yes, this is the best time to invest in the Aquatic Mall as when it be completed the prices of shops will definitely rise. In order to get the best-priced shops in the Aquatic Mall, you need to visit the website or hire a real estate agent who can help you with it. Green Earth is our official real estate agency which will help you in the best possible way to find the best shop. We will be providing you with the floor plan and pricing details so that you can choose the perfect shop for yourself just according to your need. Rush! Don’t waste time as many of the shops are already booked. We already have very fewer shops left, so don’t miss this exciting opportunity. The Aquatic Mall will have all the big national and international brands providing people with an excellent shopping experience. This Mall will not be an exceptional attraction for people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi but also for whole Pakistan. Located at Prime location, the prices of these shops will definitely be increased in no time, so this is the best time to make investment wisely.

Which is the biggest mall in Islamabad?

Gone are days when people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi had only one place for shopping, I.e. Rabi center and Commercial center. With the growing trend of brands and excursion activities, Twin cities have witnessed many malls in just a few years. The Centaurus Mall, The Safa Mall, and Giga Mall are some of the examples. However, now the trend is changed slightly and the upcoming malls are based on particular themes.

One of such malls is The Aquatic Mall which is based on the marine theme which will act as a source of enjoyment. Now just this, The Aquatic Mall is the biggest mall in Islamabad having the tallest aquarium in the world. What can be better than having the biggest mall with all the amusements? The mall also has a helipad on the rooftop which is enlightened to make the Aquatic Mall the beautiful place ever. Stretched on 24 Kanal and 13 Marla, the mall has every facility one can ask for.

The Mall is the Future landmark of Islamabad with different Amenities including an underwater tunnel which will have a variety of sea species imported from all over the world. Located in the prime location on GT road, The Aquatic Mall is easily accessible throughout twin cities.

How to benefit from mall in Islamabad Pakistan?

There are many malls in Islamabad, which are not only good for enjoyment but also for investment opportunities. So the best way to benefit from any mall in Islamabad is through wise investment. Shopping malls are the best investment for investors as your deal do not go in vain. Large shopping malls are 99.9 percent a success story so one can easily invest in them without the fear of losing money.

Among many other malls, The Aquatic Mall is one of its kind, which provides the best investment opportunity to people. Aquatic Mall is Pakistan’s tallest Aquatic mall based on the marine theme; the completion date for Aquatic Mall has been pushed back to 2022. The nine-story building will feature restaurants, spa, gym, helipad, world’s largest aquarium.

So, if you are looking to invest in Malls in Islamabad, The Aquatic Mall is the best option. Being equipped with all the latest technology, The Aquatic Mall has brought a new experience of shopping with other amusements. Gone will be days when women had to go shopping alone because in aquatic mall men will accompany them and can enjoy in a marine-themed restaurant while the women shop. So, this is the right time one can benefit from the mall in Islamabad by investing wisely.

Which water world aquarium is best in Pakistan?

There is a whole world residing underwater, colorful and unique. Those who love nature would know how it feels to see the underwater life, swimming here and there. No doubt, there is a whole world residing undersea however our naked eyes cannot see them and only sea divers can enjoy nature. However, now everyone would be able to see the water world in Pakistan, Thanks to The Aquatic Mall. The Aquatic Mall has planned the world’s tallest aquarium in Pakistan housing a large variety of sea species imported from the different part of the world. For this, Al-Bari Group of companies has collaborated with Polin Aquariums, who will be helping this dream a reality. Polin Aquarium has worked for the largest aquarium in the world.

This is the only water world aquarium in Pakistan. Moreover, The Aquatic Mall as a whole will be based on the Aquatic theme. It will also have a restaurant where one will get the privilege of enjoying excellent cuisines in between sharks and fish.

So keep your excitement high as soon you will be able to feel like a part of the underwater life. Your excitement level should be directly proportional to the height of Aquarium which is 91 Feet — coming soon!

Which one is the best in Islamabad malls?

There are many developed malls in Islamabad, and some malls are almost near completion. Gone are days, when Islamabad was termed as the most boring city of Pakistan. Now there are many amusements created for people residing there who can enjoy lives by visiting there. As Islamabad is the Capital of Pakistan, the city has all the latest educational and health facilities. This is the main reason that many people from other cities and rural areas have shifted here. With the growing population, there was dire need to create malls that will not only provide people with shopping experience but at the same time has such facilities to give people relief from daily life.

The Centaurus Mall was the first largest Mall which was made operational in Islamabad. After that, The Giga Mall and The Safa Mall were launched. All the Islamabad Malls were well designed providing the best shopping and eating experience; however, they were not like theme malls in other countries. Keeping in view this, The Aquatic Mall was launched which is based on Marine themed. Featuring the Tallest aquarium and beautiful Aquatic Restaurant where sea creatures will surround you, The Aquatic Mall has everything one can ask for. So The Aquatic Mall is the best mall in Islamabad.

What is water themed mall?

A water theme mall is any mall which is based on Aquatic and Marine theme. Such malls can include Large Aquariums and Sea life theme restaurants. An example of such a mall is Dubai Mall which features a large Aquarium which can be seen from all the floors. Moreover, such a mall also gives the facility of sea diving to people. The overall architectures of such malls is also based on a marine theme. In Pakistan, the first ever marine-themed mall is under construction. Located in Islamabad, The mall will be easily accessible form all the parts of the city.

The name of the mall is The Aquatic Mall, and it has the tallest aquarium in the world. The aquarium will have a variety of sea species which will be imported from different parts of the world. The mall will be a trademark, acting as the perfect amusement for people. Another good thing about the mall is that it has a marine-themed restaurant where people will be able to enjoy fresh food in the middle of sea life. It would be a wonderful experience, looking fish and other sea creatures all around you while you have food. The underwater tunnel is an extra facility to the overall theme of The Aquatic Mall.

Where is The aquatic mall?

Have you heard about the upcoming Marine Themed Mall in Islamabad? If yes it is none other than the Aquatic Mall. The Aquatic Mall is located on GT road- a prime location which is easily accessible from both Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Being located in the center, the mall facilitates users with a relaxed approach without any hassle.

Being equipped with all the latest national and international brands, The Aquatic Mall is a showpiece in itself due to its delicacy and uniqueness. Being easily accessible and equipped with all the latest technologies and delights, The Aquatic Mall is a must visit place for fun lovers. An infinity pool enlightened with illuminations will act as a landmark. The rooftop of The Aquatic Mall will make twin cities more beautiful.

The food court has a variety of gastronomies will be the best place for food lovers to enjoy whereas the kids‘ area along with food court will facilitate mothers to have their meals peacefully and at the same time will make the visit of mall memorable for kids. The Skywalk will provide a thrilling experience to people, and the underwater tunnel will make it the most unforgettable experience of your life. The primary goal of The Aquatic Mall is introducing new things for the first time in Pakistan and make the country a tourist point.

How to build Water Park in a mall?

For building a water park in a mall, initially one need to do the overall homework regarding the space required, water points and the safe rides in the respective park. It can be done by an experienced firm which means that for building a water park in your mall you need to hire a company that is a master of it. Water Park may include different water rides, artificially created waves in the pool, tubes, etc.

Al-Bari group of companies has collaborated with Polin Aquarium for manufacturing of the tallest aquarium in The Aquatic Mall whereas Al-Bari group of companies is also working on another project, i.e. The Aquatic City, which will have a giant water park having all the thrilling rides for kids and adults. Polin Aquariums will assist the company for this project as well. Polin Aquariums design different aquarium from their concepts to architecture, business plan, and construction.  The company has constructed some great landmarks related to water in different parts of the world. Usually, water parks are outdoor however with their entrances from the mall. Pakistan has water parks in all major cities, but they are not very advanced. The Water Park in The Aquatic City will stand out in all the other water parks due to latest technology rides included in it.

What is the aquatic mall opening date?

The Aquatic Mall is under construction right now and aims to be completed in the year 2022. The project will come with a bank offering a new shopping experience to residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi; however, it doesn’t mean that people from other parts of the county cannot visit there.

Being equipped with all the latest technologies and introducing the Aquarium for the first time in Pakistan, this Mall is designed in such a way that it acts as a prominent tourist place in Pakistan. This mall is famous due to the introduction of the latest attractions. What makes it most beautiful is the rooftop, with colorful lights providing a gorgeous view of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Previously Twin cities had monal which is famous due to the height providing a stunning view of Islamabad. The Aquatic Mall is just three years away and as its coming near the excitement level is also raising. However, we will have to wait a couple of more years to enjoy the enchanting views and underwater tunnel. Fish swimming over your head will make you shout of joy.

Due to these unique attractions in The Aquatic Mall, many national and international brands are opening their franchises keeping in view a large number of people visiting there. So visitor will have a large variety of brands to shop.

How many underwater themed malls in Pakistan?

Pakistan has many Beautiful Malls and shopping centers; however, it has only one water-themed mall which is under construction right now. The Name of the Mall is The Aquatic Mall, which clearly shows that it is a theme mall based on Marine theme. Currently, there is no other Mall based on a marine theme.

The Aquatic Mall will be designed in such a way that it depicts Sea life through its beautiful architectures and refined interior. Moreover, The Tallest Aquarium of the world will have a large variety of species that will make the overall mall a beautiful place to visit.

Another underwater tunnel is also included in the mall so that people can walk under it. It will make people feel that they are underwater and different colorful fish are swimming over their head. To provide the Aquatic Mall with a better touch of Water themed mall, a marine-themed restaurant is also designed that make you feel that you are a part of sea life.

No doubt, The Aquatic Mall will be the pioneer of such water-themed mall, but it will open a new path for other private companies who can use this idea to make a better mall on the same theme in different cities of Pakistan.

How can I find the best shopping mall in Rawalpindi?

There are many Malls in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, and all are very good and well designed. All the large malls have the latest brands where one can have an outstanding Shopping experience. For a long time, Twin cities had no malls, and they have to go to different Markaz to access good brands.

However keeping in view this problem, many private companies designed Malls and the first ever Mall was opened in Islamabad: The Centaurus Mall. However, Rawalpindi still lacked this facility until The Giga Mall was opened in Rawalpindi on GT road. The Mall was even better than The Centaurus Mall having better brands so it diverted most of the visitors of The Centaurus Mall to The Giga Mall.

However, now there are some new malls under construction in Rawalpindi which are based on a theme and will definitely provide a better user experience. One of Such malls is The Aquatic Mall which is manufactured on the marine theme. The overall interior also depicts the Oceanic Theme which further beautifies the project. Having too many Amusement will make this Mall a must place to visit in Rawalpindi; however, the introduction of Aquarium, etc. has not compromised the shopping experience of Users. The mall has large shops having great variety.

What is aqua mall Islamabad?

Aqua Mall Islamabad is a Mall which is based on Marine Theme. The Name of the Mall is The Aquatic Mall located in Islamabad.  The theme focuses on providing people with new experience. For this reason, the tallest aquarium is manufactured which will be viewable from the floors of the mall. Moreover, this mall will make you feel close to nature as very fewer people have witnessed the underwater lives.

The Aqua Mall Islamabad also have suites with one wall dedicated to Aquarium giving a good view. Moreover, the underwater tunnel will act as a beautiful experience where one would be able to walk through. The Skywalk an infinity pool on the top of rooftop will blow your mind. The Mall will be completed in 2022 with all the amenities one can ask for.

The overall interior and architecture will also match with the theme, to give people an exciting place to enjoy. After its inception, the mall will act as a trademark and people from all the parts of the country will reach it to cherish the underwater experience for the first time in the country. In no time The Aquatic Mall will also act as a tourism spot.

Wow to find best mall for investment in Pakistan?

Shopping Malls acts as the best source for investments as one can expect a high return on Investment. However, finding the best mall for investment is a difficult task especially when you have many options available.  When looking to invest in any mall, one need to check some basic requirements that it should be fulfilling.

Any Mall is perfect for Investment if it fulfills the following requirements:

•    Check its Location

•    The floor plan

•    The perks it will offer

•    The amenities planned

•    What make it unique

•    How will you get the most out of it

•    How much to invest

•    Which Mall will guarantee a high Return on Investment

•    Check out the national and international brands that are planning to open their franchises. The Mall having better brands will be ranked better in your list.

•    Compare the prices for the same facilities offered by different malls

•    Consider the city in which the mall is located

Once you are done with your homework, hire a real estate advisor that will provide you all the necessary assistance regarding your selection and may also provide you with a better option. You can also opt for a real estate agency which knows about the project that you are going to invest in. They will not only provide you with a better opportunity but also better rates.

Where is the tallest aquarium in Pakistan?

The tallest aquarium in Pakistan is located in The Aquatic Mall. This is the world’s tallest cylindrical aquarium packed with exotic multiple varieties of fish. Housing a large variety of marine life will make it ` pivot of attraction in the Aquatic Mall. The Aquarium will be extended to a number of floors having visibility from lower ground to the shopping area, food court and event above.

This is the first ever Large Aquarium of its kind in Pakistan. Being the most fascinating attraction, the Mall will be visited by plenty of users. Moreover, the Mall has a variety of other excursion spots which not adds to the beauty of the Mall.

Keeping in view the love of people for Water and Sealife, The Aquatic Mall will also have an underwater tunnel that will make people feel close to nature. Moreover, The Aquatic Suites are designed to depict the overall theme of the mall. One of the walls of the suits will be replaced by The Aquarium, that stretches from floor to ceiling.

So The Aquatic Mall will provide an overall functional view for people and will offer an enchanting experience to cherish. Just wait for a couple of years and enjoy the beauty of Nature on land.

Looking for a really cool mall in Islamabad Pakistan?

If you are looking for a cool mall to visit in Islamabad Pakistan, there is no better option than The Aquatic Mall. Tough Islamabad has many malls and attractions but if you want everything at one place this marine-themed mall transform your mood.

Such places are visited to relieve yourself from the daily routine. Everyone wants some break from daily life which is only possible through a trip to a Mall which has not only a shopping facility but also has some unique things. The Aquatic Mall has an Aquarium that stretches from land to ceiling housing beautiful sea lives. Such an aquarium will make you view the sea lives for hours and in turn, will satisfy your emotions and love regarding nature.

So to find fauna on earth, one must visit the Aquatic Mall. Moreover one can walk on the skywalk. The Skywalk is introduced in Pakistan offering a stimulating experience. Furthermore, kids area is also designed for children of all ages which will not only have swings, slides and monkey bars but also electric rides. One would be able to shop for long hours without the tension of offering prayers as a beautiful mosque is under construction. In short, you can find everything in one place by visiting The Aquatic Mall.

How to do secure mall investment in Pakistan?

Malls are one of the best investment when it comes to reliability and security. With the bloom of the real estate sector in Pakistan, investment in Malls is also flourishing.  However while investing in any mall, people are usually confused. To do a secure investment in Pakistan one need to do proper research that will lead you to a conclusion that which mall will give you a better return on investment.

Usually, people hire a real estate agency as an agency has a flow of information for you. And can you which substitute is better for investment. Do check which mall is thriving while others are dying.

Product oversupply and the growth of e-commerce are squeezing margins. Now customers request unique and personalized experiences. Only the malls which incorporate the latest technologies and bring something new in town are the one which is worthy of your investments. Such investments will be safe and secure and will bring some good perks in return for your investment.

In order to make sure that your investment will not go in vain, you need to do proper homework by collaborating with an agent that will give you a bit of better advice so that you don’t lose any money.

What is aquarium shops in Islamabad?

Many people would be wondering what really are Aquarium shops. All the shopping hubs which are based on the aquarium and marine theme are called aquarium shops. A mall in Islamabad is based on sea life theme, from interior to architectures and color scheme; everything blends well with the theme.

Apart from shopping the mall has an aquarium with a wide variety of fish and a thrilling skywalk. The underwater tunnel will provide an exotic experience, and a restaurant will have all the latest cuisines, and the marine ambiance will make it a more attractive place to visit.

So in order to enjoy the Aquarium shops in Islamabad, you must visit the Aquatic Mall so that you can enjoy perks of aquatic theme mixed with the beautiful shopping experience. The Aquatic mall will have all the latest brands with a newest and wide variety of collections. What can be much better than having every brand under one roof? Moreover, an infinity pool on the top of the Mall is the prettiest thing ever; The rooftop is designed in such a way that it gives a touch of mini monal from where one would be able to see the top view of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Top 10 biggest malls in Pakistan 2018?

Gone are days when people used to get bored at home as there were no places to kill your time on weekends. Now, all big cities of Pakistan have plenty of large malls having all the facilities one can ask for. The malls are so large housing wide variety of brands, that if you want to roam around there you need a whole full day.

All the malls have something unique in them instead of shopping. Even people visit malls for having good food at the food court located on the top floor of every mall. Here is the list of biggest Malls of Pakistan 2018:

•    Centaurus Mall – Islamabad

•    Mall of Lahore – Lahore

•    Dolmen Mall Clifton – Karachi

•    Park Towers – Karachi

•    Ocean Mall – Karachi

•    Dolmen Mall Hyderi – Karachi

•    Fortress Square – Lahore

•    Emerald Towers – Karachi

•    Atrium Mall – Karachi

•    Gulberg Galleria – Lahore

All the malls mentioned above are beautifully designed having around 100 brands. These malls of 2018 change the era of shopping in Pakistan as they not only provided people with good shopping brands but also with a place where they can enjoy leaving behind all the problems at home. When it comes to a secure escape form problematic life, malls are the most preferable places to visit as no one feels lonely there.

How many new shopping mall in Islamabad 2019?

Terming the year 2019 as the “era of new shopping malls” would be wrong if we consider how many malls are launched and some are under construction.  All the new malls are based on themes which not only make the mall beautiful but also builds people interest regarding the Mall. For instance, take an example of The Aquatic Mall which is based on underwater sea life. The mall has built interest of many people who are anxiously waiting for the time when it will be fully operational. The Mall will also have the tallest aquarium in Pakistan, filled with a large variety of sea life acting as the pivot point of the Mall.

Whereas, other such malls are under construction which will also prove the growing real estate sector and improving architecture in Pakistan. Below is the list of all the upcoming malls of 2019:

•    Arabic Mall Islamabad

•    The Aquatic Mall Islamabad

•    The Mall of Islamabad

•    Amazon Mall, Islamabad

•    Grand Square Mall

•    Chapal Skymark, Karachi

•    The Orchid, Karachi

•    The Arkadians Karachi

•    Ali Trade Center Lahore

•    World Trade Center (Platinum Square), Islamabad

Probably the completion of these Malls will take a couple more years; however, when they will be fully operational, people will have many options to enjoy their lives.

Where is the largest water tunnel in Pakistan?

The concept of an underwater tunnel is new in Pakistan, and right it is difficult to believe it. However, when it will be fully constructed and opened for the public, it will offer the best experience for people living in Pakistan. The first ever underwater tunnel in Pakistan is constructed in The Aquatic Mall. This tunnel will be full of sea lives including fish and sharks. People visiting the mall will be given the privilege to walk under this tunnel and feel like you are taking the tour of the underwater world. No doubt, there is a full life that is existing underwater and it is so beautiful that one cannot even imagine. Al-Bari group of Companies has tried to make people happy with a tunnel, showcasing a little bit of sea life for people.

This place would be a must visit for people who love nature and water. The Mall will be opened in 2022 providing the extravagance experience for residents of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. So, in order to enjoy the underwater tunnel, you have to wait for some more years. Feel close to nature by steeping in the Aquatic Mall.