Emerging Property In Islamabad (Zone 5)

Tree-lined avenues, superior infrastructure, population density, and splendid landscape contribute towards Islamabad’s growth. It is the best place for investment and livelihood. According to an official report, the Islamabad population rose from 0.81 million to 2.0 million in nineteen years (from 1998 -2017). As a result, emerging property in Islamabad boomed at a fast pace, And made provision for several innovative upcoming real estate projects, with higher returns for investors. If you’re searching for emerging property in Islamabad for investment. We have conducted a detailed analysis, concerning Islamabad property, zone 5, and upcoming real estate projects in Islamabad. Since there is a lot of ground to cover, let’s begin:

Geography Of Islamabad and its Impact on Real estate

Islamabad covers 906 square kilometers of Pakistan’s total surface area. Islamabad urban area comprises 220.15 sq.km, whereas the rural area envelops 466.20 sq.km. When combined with Margalla hills, an additional 3626 square kilometers are added into the region.

Zone 1

There are five zones of Islamabad, namely Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, and Zone 5. It consist of Lush greenery and giant trees adorn 54,998 acres land of Zone 1. It covers major sectors of Islamabad. If someone have sky-high capital, then Zone 1 is an extremely lucrative investment and future return are very high as compare to other real estate property. The sector names are originated from English alphabets and natural numbers. And, spread over an area of 2km x 2km.  

Zone 2

Zone 2 is interconnected with Zone 1. It incorporates a few private sectors of Islamabad such as G-15, B-17, etc. Nestled at a short distance are the new international airport, motorway, and G.T road, marking it a valuable location for investment.  

Zone 3

Zone 3 includes Margalla hills which boast gorgeous hues in shades of vibrant emerald and jade. Furthermore, momentous villages like Shah Allah Ditta, Lakhwal, Saidpur, Sangjani, and Kot Hathial are also included in this zone. It is the least developed zone, holding immense natural richness, profound beauty, and epic adventure.

Zone 4

The total area of Zone IV  is 69814 acres. It Begins from Shahzad town and goes all the way up to Simly dam. To keep it a farm-only zone, construction of new housing schemes is banned in this area.

Lastly Zone 5

Zone V is nestled in the southwest of Islamabad. Its home to several elite residential schemes such as Bahria Town, DHA, Zaraj, Naval Anchorage, etc. This region comprises 39,0290 acres of land and is spread over to 157 square kilometers.

Islamabad real estate master plan

Source: Capital Development Authority

No doubt all zone are valuable gems for investment. However, they are above the public’s average pay grade.

Currently, the property price in Bahria Town Phase 7 is 4,299/ square feet. However the price increased from 3766/ sq. feet in 2015. If anyone seeking the best property in Islamabad for investment, at low cost which reaps rapid appreciation. Then, look no further than Zone 5.

Residential Plot Prices in Islamabad Zone 5 for Investment

We used data from zameen.com to build a comparison table, showcasing the price growth of several housing schemes in Zone V.

Please note that all research and data collected for this section are from zameen.com.

Area Size June 2015 June 2016 June 2017 June 2018 June 2019 June 2020
DHA Phase 1 1 Kanal 12,798,000 14,890,500 15,939,000 16,974,000 18,108,000 19,917,000
DHA Phase 2 1 Kanal 11,956,500 14,476,500 15,619,500 15,921,000 16,461,000 16,933,500
Bahria Phase 3 10 Marlas 9,216,000  9,533,250  9,382,500  10,199,250  10,514,250   11,493,000  
Bahria Town Phase 7 10 Marlas 6,970,500  6,855,750  7,128,000  7,260,750  7,632,000  8,016,750 
Bahria Town Phase 8 10 Marlas 4,464,000  4,299,750 4,574,250 5,028,750 5,478,750 5,656,500

Please note that these prices may vary, based on location, size, and amenities.

Commercial Property in Islamabad Zone 5

According to zameen.com, the most popular commercial & emerging properties in Islamabad in August 2020 are as follow:

Source: Zameen.com

Why Pick Islamabad Property in Zone 5 For Investment?

The following reasons are of prime importance for real estate investment in Zone 5:

1- Geostrategic location:

Firstly three arterial roads, namely Islamabad Expressway, Grand Trunk Road, and Kahuta Road are interconnected via one route (Zone V). However this exceptional junction, combined with a beautiful location, endeared it to its residents, across the globe, And paved the way for commercial development opportunities that are considered lucrative by international and local investors.

Next-Generation Commercial District

The location between Sawan Bridge and T-chowk is the next blue area due to commercial advancement. The zone is home of not only 10 huge projects but also comprising the most modern infrastructure and innovative concepts. The Aquatic Mall is leading the charge by being the most remarkable project of twin cities.

3- Residential Housing Schemes

Capital territory Zone 5 houses consist of luxurious housing schemes like DHA, Bahria that offer lavish lifestyle and state-of-the-art facilities to its residents, at a reasonable price. Moreover, due to water shortage and sewerage issues in sectoral Islamabad, people now prefer to live their dream life in these residential schemes, which enhances the investment potential of the zone.

4- Infrastructural Growth and Comfortable Travel:

Islamabad Expressway is all set for a signal-free expansion to facilitate over a quarter-million people, residing in Zone V. The government also plans to initiate industrial areas, housing societies, and education institutes, along with Ring Road. As a result, travel ease will bring economic growth to upcoming real estate projects in zone 5.


5- Heavy Footfall:

In fact Approximately 7000-8000 families move to zone V every year. Since it is an ideal location to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Moreover Premium residential schemes that have the capacity to accommodate large sums of population, along with social and economic benefits allure thousands of people. All these factors contribute towards footfall traffic for commercial property in Islamabad. 

Best Upcoming Real Estate Projects For Investment Islamabad

Islamabad Zone 5 triumph the game when it comes to being the # 1 area for property investment in Islamabad. Since Islamabad sectoral rates have leveled out, investors’ eyes are glued to zone V for potentially higher yields and consistent returns. So the spotlight falls on emerging properties in Islamabad Zone 5. Let’s take a look at a few emerging properties in this region

The Aquatic Mall

The land adjacent to Zaraj Housing society is home to a 24.13 Kanal Aquatic mall. It is an upcoming real estate project in zone V. An additional 2 canals are allocated to the blue mosque. It is a project of Al-Bari group of companies which is the first to boast themed malls concept in Pakistan. Their project will be the most astounding shopping mall in twin cities. The landmark is a perfect blend of retail,  feasting, workspace, suites, flats, and amusement picks. This is the most secure investment with several types of choices – apartments, suites, and shops. You can invest with easy installment policy or full payment, as per your convenience. The down payment is as low as 25%. Construction is underway, and a grand opening is due in 2022. A cylindrical aquarium, underwater tunnel, marine-themed restaurant, skywalk, indoor watermark, and infinity pool reflect the m theme here. 


The Space Mall

Proposed at the heart of Bahria Town is an innovative space-themed commercial project. It features attractive commercial and residential units for both buyers and investors. Its retail space will host an excellent mix of international and national brands. It is quite reasonable to say that Islamabad property in The Space Mall is ideal for investors, planning to acquire emerging property in Islamabad. 

No-gravity area, golf simulator, space museum are unique attractions of the mall which will guarantee the mall’s footfall traffic.


That all folks about the best area for buying an emerging property in Islamabad. In this article, we recommended the top upcoming real estate projects in zone 5. And, the significance of the region in near future. We hope you found it informative. Come back later for more educational and engaging content. 





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