Most Complex Real Estate Projects in Islamabad

Islamabad is known for its scenic beauty and it’s a paradise for those who love nature around them. Recently, this well-planned city grabbed a lot of attention from the real estate developers, investors in general and the entire real estate market took a boom. Renowned developers are working in Islamabad and coming up with International standard projects. Islamabad is on the rise; it is expanding towards North, South, and East. New projects and upcoming housing schemes are great for investments as they are available on flexible payment plans as well as at reasonable prices. 

This blog will give you an insight into the top and most complex real estate projects in Islamabad.

First and foremost, we have an ongoing grand project of the multi-story and extremely luxurious 5-star hotel, one of which 4 stories are complete and include 250 suites, which are on sale and offering great returns on investment too!

This hotel is purposefully being made on a theme of diversity and how all cultures can mix up and create a beautiful, appealing, and luxurious place to have your stay at! Not only does the hotel have amazing architecture but along with it a place for food and shopping. It offers different cuisines from around the world adding up to the diversity of the hotel, made by well learned and top quality chefs, shopping here would give you a sense of excitement and therapy at the same time. Budget-friendly and a place where you can go out with your friends and family, you name it, all national and international brands are at your service to fulfill all your basic necessities of every day and otherwise.

There is a luxury in every detail of the hotel's architecture and is redefined and made comfortable as well. 

The second most captivating and attention-seeking project started by the Al-Bari group of companies is The Aquatic Mall. Islamabad and other major cities are evolving and trying their best to build great infrastructure and bring uniqueness in everything they do. 

The Aquatic Mall is going to be Pakistan’s first marine-themed mall, you may have experienced this theme in the gulf or the first world countries, with the rise in Pakistan’s real estate sector Al-Bari group of companies brings this theme in Pakistan too. This mall will radiate calmness and positive energy. While shopping or dining out you will be stress-free and relaxed due to the amazing eye-catching environment. Marine species will be floating around in a tall cylinder on all floors of the mall and the exquisite underwater tunnel will give you an even wider chance to explore and have fun along with the diverse marine life!

The apartments have separate lawns with each one of them and you are not bound to be sharing your personal time with any other being, you will be able to sit back and relax, have your cup of coffee/tea and chill out. If you wish to relax even more you have the facility of the infinity pool, which is also a great place to relax and swim your worries away in these hard times. Infinity pools have not been introduced in Pakistan earlier, the status of luxury and comfort is redefined.

The next project up is The Space Mall, being constructed in the middle of the twin cities providing one of its kind infrastructures. Space mall is all about you enjoying shopping while flying up high into infinity space. For the first time in Pakistan introducing a zero-gravity area and not just this it will also have one separate floor which would showcase Pakistan’s most prestigious artifacts of the forces, having the facility of SPA and food everything adds up making The Space Mall a complex Real Estate Project of Islamabad.


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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