Property Tax in Pakistan 2019-2020

property tax in Pakistan

With the new government, the tax has also become the most important initiative. The PTI is trying to streamline the overall process, by collecting taxes from the people of the country.

The imposition of taxes is different for all the sectors of Pakistan. Just like other prominent sectors, Real Estate has also witnessed major changes in terms of Property taxes in Pakistan.

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World’s 1st Tallest Aquarium to Include Underwater Zoo

under water zoo

Underwater Zoo is a new terminology; however, it is not wrong as there is a vast zoo under the water which no one sees. While looking at the sea have you ever asked yourself how many species will be breathing underwater? Have you ever wondered will the underwater sea life be more beautiful than the land you are living on! Have you ever analyzed the number of fish-big and large?  Not everyone can think about this as only people who love nature would know that trying to stay close to nature is the best feeling ever. When it comes to finding the clues of God while looking at its creation- nothing is more enchanting and beautiful than the underwater life which no one can see with their eyes or while staying on land.

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7 Best Shopping Centers in Pakistan

shopping center

Shopping is the greatest hobby and it also makes women happy and a dilemma is created that only women love shopping. If provided with a shopping mall, men are more inclined towards shopping. Just a few years back, Pakistan was bereaved of the basic excursion requirement, i.e. Shopping centers.

The shopping center is defined as:

“Group of retail shops, restaurants, and other businesses with a common interest in soliciting sales. The facility is developed as planned commercial location and typically offers private, off-street parking facilities or areas.”

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Luxury Apartments in Islamabad

apartment in islamabad

Investing in a Luxury Apartments in Islamabad-Yes or No?

Continuous innovation is a part of the real estate game. On and off we come across new trends and inclinations in the sector. The trend of buying apartments is shifted to Luxury apartments and it is ever growing in Pakistan. As people are more inclined toward the luxurious living overlooking comfortability sometimes, new societies are incorporating such luxurious living ensuring comfort as well. Now secure and well maintained lavish units are in fashion and no doubt they are extremely costly. In the old days, people used to prefer large bungalows with the large room however how the trend is changed. Slowly the trend shifted to small apartments where small families can easily enjoy healthy living. Previously the apartments used to be small with some rooms and no lawns and parking. But with the growing trend of Luxurious apartments, people want everything associated with it, be it parking or lawn.

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See through Skywalk in Pakistan

skywalk aquatic

See through Skywalk in Pakistan will offer the most thrilling experience

Those who love the thrill and want to lead a daring life would know how it feels to walk on a sea through the skywalk. The feeling of fear yet excitement arouses as you walk on a see-through path. Last year, Pakistan was voted as the number one destination in the world for adventure junkies. From that time the adventurous spots in Pakistan are increasing as the people are exploring and incorporating technologies that other countries are offering. For those people who are thinking to get out of the country to satisfy their thrill-seeking fantasies must know that a See-through skywalk in Pakistan will be launched in a couple of years. So if you are looking for an adventure, an exhilarating glass skywalk swings over the roof of The Aquatic Mall.

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Infinity Pools Adding Beauty to the World

infinity pool aquatic

Infinity Pools

In this busy world, everyone is running after money and job. In order to do so, our life has lost the major charm where one should have a room of fun and excursion activities. There comes a time in your life, when you are fed up of the same old routine and want something new in life. At that stage, with less time you have to choose an activity that not only gives you happiness but also let you lead a healthy life. So keeping in view both aspects, nothing is more enjoyable than a vigorous exercise that gives your happiness and joy at the same time: Swimming.

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The Future of the Shopping Malls in Islamabad

the aquatic mall Islamabad

Our world is driven by Digital economy, and with every passing time, everything in this world is getting digitized. With the transforming technological era, Shopping Malls need to be reformed. Basically, shopping malls are defined as the “combination of one or more building forming a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnected walkways enabling visitors to walk from unit to unit”.

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The World’s 1st Tallest Aquarium Shopping Mall in Pakistan


Shopping Malls are in fashion today; it is evident from the plenty of Giant malls that are manufactured in just a few years in different parts of the country. Gone are days, when people had no place to visit on weekends. Now all large cities in Pakistan are full of malls which act as an excursion spot to pass your time.

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Indoor Places for Kids

Indoor Places for Kids

Gone are days when kids used to have fun playing outside. With the growing uncertain Situation and cases of sexual harassment, parents are more concerned and afraid of sending their kids out to play. Due to this Kids now have less exposure and obesity has become a growing disease. It should also be mentioned that the time will not come back and your kids will grow up missing this part of their life that should be dedicated to play areas. For people thinking why playing areas are must for kids, the answer is simple; it’s a healthy activity offering a healthy lifestyle. So now when you are not sending kids outside, there should be another way to make them enjoy their life. Keeping in view this, many indoor places for kids are created that are not only acting as an excursion place but also helping kids to grow.

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