Indoor Places for Kids

Indoor Places for Kids

Gone are days when kids used to have fun playing outside. With the growing uncertain Situation and cases of sexual harassment, parents are more concerned and afraid of sending their kids out to play. Due to this Kids now have less exposure and obesity has become a growing disease. It should also be mentioned that the time will not come back and your kids will grow up missing this part of their life that should be dedicated to play areas. For people thinking why playing areas are must for kids, the answer is simple; it’s a healthy activity offering a healthy lifestyle. So now when you are not sending kids outside, there should be another way to make them enjoy their life. Keeping in view this, many indoor places for kids are created that are not only acting as an excursion place but also helping kids to grow.

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Best Underwater tunnels Having Larges Quantity of Sea Species

Underwater Tunnels are the most remarkable displays of engineering. Many people think that the underwater tunnel is a new concept, but this is not true. Underwater sea tunnel is a very old idea, and the expertise for building underwater tunnels was established in the 19th century in England.

underwater tunnel

The firstever  tunnel was built in 1855, located in London. Since then the Journey of tunnel transformed into need and all the countries started manufacturing it, keeping in view its advantages.

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Top 3 Malls of Islamabad One should Visit

Just a few years back, Islamabad was deprived of the basic excursion necessity, i.e., Malls of Islamabad. Being the capital of Pakistan, the city
should be considered at par for the introduction of such necessities;

The Aquatic Mall

however, Lahore and Karachi won the race of having more malls before Islamabad, which might be due to better investment opportunities in both cities.

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Mall in Islamabad is Best Investment


Aquatic mall islamabad

  • What is investment in shopping mall in Islamabad?
  • Why you need to invest in Aquatic Mall in Islamabad?
  • Why people need to prefer to shop from shopping mall?

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The Aquatic Mall Islamabad Price plan site location completion date

Pakistan To Build World’s Tallest Aquarium Shopping Mall in Islamabad

In this article you will learn:
• What is The Aquatic Mall?
• How Aquatic Mall is different?
• Miscellaneous features

Aquatic Mall – An Architectural feat:


Something fishy is coming to Pakistan’s Capital Islamabad that will revolutionize your shopping experience soon. Have you ever gone shopping only to feel closer to nature? Well, look no further than Islamabad where they’re bringing the ocean to this Pakistan’s capital.
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