Best Underwater Tunnels Having Larges Quantity of Sea Species

Underwater Tunnels are the most remarkable displays of engineering. Many people think that the underwater tunnel is a new concept, but this is not true. Underwater sea tunnel is a very old idea, and the expertise for building underwater tunnels was established in the 19th century in England.

The first-ever tunnel was built in 1855, located in London. Since then the Journey of tunnel transformed into the need and all the countries started manufacturing it, keeping in view its advantages.

Later on, inspired by this idea, many countries began making large aquariums incorporating underwater tunnels in them. Being a new concept, people used to visit them from long distances and different countries as this project was entirely new.

Such tunnels not only attracted people because it offered a new experience but also because it showcased some different sea species that everyone enjoyed.

People who love nature used to travel from other countries to see this tunnel as walking through it made them feel near to water life. The first underwater Tunnel aquarium was built in London Zoo. Keeping in view its growing demand, other countries also copied the idea and made the same kind of tunnels housing a large variety of sea species.

Under Water Tunnels Make you feel close to nature

Such Tunnels make you feel closer to the underwater world. So basically, in simple words, underwater tunnels also called aquarium tunnel is an underwater tunnel that passes through the aquarium having aquatic life.

Made up of acrylic glass, mostly the tunnels are in cylindrical in shape however they can also be made elliptical and square.

For Pakistani’s it is an entirely new concept, however, Al-Bari Group of companies have the privilege to introduce the first underwater tunnel in Pakistan. The Aquatic Mall is a mega project, based on the aquatic theme.

The mall having the tallest aquarium having different water species will be a major attraction for people of Pakistan. Not only this, the resident of twin cities will blessed with a restaurant having aquarium all around so that they can have fun.

The best underwater tunnel aquarium offers the best features and exhibits something very informative. Such aquariums are very charming as they give the opportunity to people to learn about the world beneath the ocean. The make people feel as if they are part of the water world which is the best feeling in the whole world.

So are you curious to know about the biggest aquarium in the world?

Georgia Aquarium:

aquarium mall
The Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta is the largest and most beautiful aquarium in the world. Opened in year 2005, the aquarium is facilitating people around the world.

It has a massive 6.3 million gallon tank having many species from the sea including shark. It is a world-class aquarium featuring magnificent displays.

Dubai Mall Aquarium:

Dubai mall aquarium

Dubai Mall has a large aquarium with plenty of sea life and guess what? It’s free. You only have to pay for sea diving in the aquarium however of you just want to enjoy nature, you don’t have to pay for it.

This aquarium consists of 2.64 million gallon tank with more than 33,000 specimens. There are around 400 sharks and rays in this aquarium, making it one of the largest one in the world.

People from all around the world enjoy it. However, this is not the only Aquarium in Dubai as there is a larger lost chamber aquarium there. That aquarium is not the tallest one but is based on a better theme.

uShaka Marine World:

marine world

This is a marine-themed park, located in Durban South Africa having the largest aquarium in the continent. It consists of 32 gallons of water; this aquarium makes you feel that you are floating underwater in the bulk of sharks and fishes. There is also a famous restaurant in the park which has too many sharks, giving people the best experience.

The Bottom Line:

Underwater tunnel construction is a hefty process; however being a new concept in Pakistan, fish aquarium tunnels will be a huge success telling each and every detail of the underwater world.

The upcoming tallest tunnel of Pakistan in The Aquatic Mall will offer a wonderful experience to people, just wait and watch!


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