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AL-Bari Group Of Companies is playing a vital role in revamping Pakistan’s real estate industry. The Aquatic Mall and The Space Mall will forever change the landscape of Pakistan. The projects will create thousands of new jobs within the hospitality, property, and leisure, and tourism sectors. Offering a world of incredible experiences attracting visitors from around the globe with the inception of the first — EVER — underwater-themed mall. Distinguishing its reputation in one of the world’s most challenging — and competitive — real estate markets.

Themed Retail Concept

The themed Mall concept is growing in Asia very rapidly due to a history of diverse cultures. Data scientists confirm that the growth of the themed mall will increase threefold in 2021 because customers and investors demand creativity.

As Pakistan’s real estate business is steadily rising, with an expected boom in the global markets on the horizon. Al-Bari's outlook for 2021 is robust. Al-Bari GOC’s work is focused around values that exhibit who they are, and what they stand for. This coming year Al-Bari hopes to build on recurring streams to add to the long-term value of our stakeholders. With all the right tools and expertise that push the boundaries of real estate, technology, and entrepreneurship. Al-Bari redefines the art of living by creating luxurious lifestyle communities with the best real estate investment opportunities in Islamabad.

The Aquatic Mall

Nestled within the heart of the twin cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The Al-Bari Group of Companies will introduce the first-ever marine-themed leisure destination.

Prime Features

Centralized Aquarium

Marvel at the world's largest aquarium at a staggering 91 feet boasting from ground to ceiling, complemented by an exotic collection of marine species.

Apartments With Lawn

Introducing apartments with a private lawn, endless views of wide-open skies, and fully equipped with built-in planters.

Deluxe Suites

Our Deluxe Suites boast floor to ceiling window with a collection of more than 65,000 tropical fishes staring back at you. Guests will discover extraordinary depths, unparalleled service, as you unwind in one of our lavishly tranquil havens.

Exhibit Underwater Tunnel

Walk along a giant acrylic window constructed at the core of The Aquatic Mall — showcasing the first underwater tunnel in Pakistan. Prepare to step into an immersive realm with spectacular sights of marine animals.


Catch breathtaking views of the city as you look out from our Skywalk. The panoramic landmark will extend around the mall. Billed to be a top tourist attraction.


Swooping on to our rooftop helipad would make anyone feel like they are James Bond. A amenity that’s a statement of status a design element that has never EVER   been attempted.

Shopping Area

The Aquatic Mall will offer everything a keen buyer could want. Expanded over five dedicated floors, the mall will consist of over 300 retail outlets as well as leading international fashion brands.

Marine Themed Restaurant

Dining around a company of marine life is an experience in itself. The Aquatic Mall will feature an underwater restaurant seated around a floor-to-ceiling acrylic aquarium.

Blue Mosque

The mosque will consist of separate prayer halls for men and women,  located adjacent to the mall's entrance inspired by Turkey's famous ‘Blue Mosque’.

Infinity Pool

Immerse in stunning landscapes as you catch a breathtaking city view hang out at the rooftop infinity pool.

Souq al Dahab

Admire from a glittering collection of exclusive jewellery with precious metals such as silver, platinum, and diamonds at our traditional gold precinct.

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The Space Mall

The Space mall is Pakistan's first space-themed mall, also developed by real estate powerhouse Al-Bari Group of Companies. Designed by a dynamic team of local and foreign professionals, the project exceeds international standards. Once completed it will be the epicentre of luxury shopping, with the finest fashion brands all under one roof.

State of The Art Amenities

Shopping Center

Indulge in a retail experience like no other. The Space Mall will be host to a variety of leading designer boutiques including top international fashion houses. With the finest line up of stores, there’s something for everyone.

Food Court

Explore mouth-watering eats by dining at some of Pakistan’s best restaurants and cafés. Our unique space-themed food court will feature a galaxy of delectable foods to choose from. We guarantee that your taste buds will thank you on your way out.

Child Care Center

Enjoy carefree shopping without having to worry about your little ones. Let our experienced training staff take care of your beloved, at our child care center monitored by CCTV, with proper safety measures in place.

Golf Simulator

The Space Mall's indoor golf facility will provide accurate tournament simulations, offering you the best virtual golf entertainment.

Swimming Pool

Escape your troubles at our Aquarius pool with world-class amenities including a jacuzzi, sauna, and a state-of-the-art health club. 

Space Museum

For space geeks, the museum aims to educate the public on the leading technological space advancements. Discover priceless artifacts from the history of space explorations, along with a dedicated floor that will pay homage to the Pakistani armed forces.

Coffee Shop

Travel to the cosmos where all aromatic dreams are made possible with our space-themed café. Indulge from a collection of local pastries while we tend to your caffeine fix.

Fitness Center

Our exclusive and extensive fitness center offers an exciting range of equipment, classes, and the best trainers at your service.

The Spa

Find your zen at our spa with the finest holistic treatments, taking you back to the origins of well-being.

Dancing Fountain

Amaze at a dazzling spectacle of iconic fountain views choreographed with music and lights.


The Space Mall will feature 2000+ parking spaces, reserved handicapped spots and CCTV cameras abiding proper security measures.


Our stunning apartment building will offer mall accessibility through the fifth and sixth floors. Currently single and double bed, modern family-style apartments are available for investment opportunities.

Led by Syed Asim Raza and Al-Bari’s group of young innovators who want to bring the Pakistani real estate market to the global front — will ultimately create history with the world’s tallest aquarium. The Aquatic Mall and The Space Mall will add to the city’s value, and to Pakistan as a whole. With a high demand for residential and commercial units in The Aquatic Mall.

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The two thematic projects will be monumental in bringing new international and domestic investment, whilst creating economic stability through a stabilized real estate industry. Consequently, they will increase tourism and bring revenue to the country’s GDP.


The Aquatic Mall Building, Plot-9, Jinnah Boulevard, DHA Phase-II, Gate-1, GT Road Islamabad.

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