Is Investing in Shopping Malls Lucrative?

Do you penny-pinch for a better tomorrow? Even, if you manage to assemble a large egg nest, you may not be able to sustain money for a lifetime. Don’t worry, we have narrowed down the best pick-up options like investing in future real estate establishments, such as upcoming malls in Islamabad that will double your money, without working. Along the way, you will also learn about the perks of shopping malls investment in Islamabad. 

Since there is a lot of ground to cover, let’s get started:

Advantages of  Investing In Shopping Malls 

Gone are the days when shopping malls were just a place to stroll with friends and shop. Currently, upcoming shopping malls in Islamabad offer remarkable investment deals in diverse kinds of real estate assets. Together with securing your future. Here are the benefits that including malls in your investment portfolio fetches:

Investment opportunities

Consistent Stream Of Income

You can yield immediate monthly incomes by either renting out the place or investing in a commercial project. However, if a tenant falls out of a lease, you will have to experience downtime until you find a new lessee. On the contrary, renowned upcoming malls in Islamabad offer immediate rental returns while your capital gain climbs up the ladder. This will help you to avail a constant income during retirement, even before the mall is fully constructed. Moreover, investing in malls will detach you from other potential capital loss that you may experience along the way. 

Best shopping Malls in islamaabd

Secure Brick-and mortar Investment

When we talk facts and figures tangible investments are quite safer than stocks and cryptocurrencies. Cryptos are digital which unlock cybersecurity and theft threats. On the other hand, real estate assets like malls in Islamabad are the securest haven to have in your portfolio. Also, recession hardly ever occurs, and the monetary value of real estate assets climbs up. Oppositely, stocks and cryptos value can drop anytime.

Guaranteed Return On Investment

Everyone adores options where money automatically gets doubled. Investing in malls promises high returns, without working. Some commercial projects like The Aquatic Mall offer a 40-60% annual profit. Returns are based on a simpler agenda, longer the incubation the greater reward. This means, the more you wait, the more return on investment you will be able to avail. If you cannot afford an asset on the entire payment, there are easy installment plans to facilitate you. 

Lesser Risks involved

Being a physical asset, investment in Islamabad malls involves lower risks as compared to other types of investments. Also, several stakeholders share units in one single vertical building, mitigating risks to a greater extent. Moreover, well-informed strategies and decisions alleviate risks, making malls in Pakistan a secure investment. 

Simple Type Of Investment

Shopping malls are easier and don’t require much groundwork.  There is no rocket science involved. Also, the process of authentication is quite simple. 

This type of investment needs diligence and yields good returns. 

Diversified Options in Portfolio

Malls in Islamabad is the best choice to enlarge your investment portfolio. Why?

Shopping malls offer multiple types of real estate properties. You can pick from shops, restaurants, office space and in some cases apartments.  All these investments ooze out huge returns on investment and passive income. Moreover, 

tenant mix helps to increase the owner’s income. Tenant mix is defined as various businesses, established  in a shopping mall to attract a stream of tenants from diverse niches. You will never run short of potential lessees, waiting to rent your real estate. 

Lease Agreements

Commercial properties have relatively long term leases pursuant as compared to residential properties. The average time usually ranges from 5 to 10 years. Therefore, shopping malls allow consistent income flow for a longer period, releasing investors from the hustle and bustle of renting their commercial property. 

Other Benefits

  1. Tenants hunt falls on the shoulders of the mall’s management, setting you free from all the hustle and bustle of leasing your property.
  2. Free global advertising which allure customers worldwide.
  3. Quick fixes of maintenance and repair issues.
  4. Security – CCTV camera footage and insurance to safeguard your property.

Investing in Malls

How Much Money Do You Need To Invest In Shopping Malls?

That depends upon the type, size, and location of the property you would like to invest in. Property advisors from reputable companies like Green Earth offer profitable consultation that yields greater returns. You can also benefit from easy installment plans which require approx 25% down payments. 

Best Malls In Islamabad Investment That Can Make You A Rich Retiree ( Change)

There are several upcoming malls in Islamabad that lure investors through attractive advertising strategies. However, once developed these malls are not even an inch closer to how they are portrayed. Hence, choosing the right fit that will guarantee return is a tedious task. To make things easier for you, we compiled a list of the safest and lucrative investments in Pakistan. 

The Aquatic Mall

Located on main G.T. Road, The Aquatic mall is Pakistan’s first marine-themed mall, with a vision to merge nature with daily lives. Be it shopping centre, food court, or apartment units, The Aquatic Mall is a hub of every type of investment. 

In addition to the usual mall facilities, it offers a breathtaking skywalk, an infinity pool, an astonishing underwater tunnel, and an enormous cylindrical aquarium.  The mall in Islamabad paints depictions of underwater life with its jaw-breaking collection of marine exhibits. 

Reasons To Invest In The Aquatic Mall

  1. 40-60% guaranteed annual profits.
  2. Monthly income on full payment
  3. Best Policies 
  4. Strategic location causes heavy footfall.
  5. Transparent property transactions.
  6. Only 25% down payment.
  7. Simple quarterly installments.

For your ease, the Aquatic mall provides a virtual tour. You can preview all available investments and then plan your move.

The Space Mall

This galaxy-inspired lavish mall is an architectural marvel. Launched by Al-Bari group of companies, it is the first space-themed mall in Pakistan.  The Space mall offers plenty of innovative amenities, including a zero-gravity area, a soothing spa, a fitness center, a golf simulator, and a space museum. Equipped with mesmerizing space artifacts, it will nurture your imagination of life in space. 

Reasons To Invest In The Space Mall

  1. 25% down payment
  2. Investment diversification
  3. Easy quarterly installments
  4. Secure and safe investment plans
  5. Footfall traffic

Bottom Line

Malls in Islamabad boost greater returns, along with monthly income. What’s better than this to secure money for a comfortable lifestyle?

100% safety in real estate is only guaranteed, if you plan, strategize your investment portfolio carefully. Otherwise, you will end up losing your shirt. 

Happy investing!


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