Arrive In Style Via The Rooftop Helipad


Swooping on to our rooftop helipad would make anyone feel like they are James Bond. An amenity that’s a statement of status — a design element that has never — EVER —  been attempted. 


A first of its kind shopping avenue — The Aquatic Mall — will offer a seamless experience. It will change the way you shop forever. 


Soon our friends that want to arrive via chopper wouldn’t have to deal with the hassle of waiting around in traffic with our integrated rooftop helipad. And don’t forget to “Get to the choppa!” once you’re done shopping. Thank Arnold Schwarzenegger for this classic one-liner. 


Enjoy The Aquatic Mall’s charming amenities with an adventure that boasts stunning views, as you take a ride over the Islamabad skyline side-eying the most beautiful landscapes.