The Aquatic Mall Islamabad Price Plan, Site Location & Completion Date


Aquatic Mall – An Architectural Marvel:

Something fishy is coming to Pakistan’s capital Islamabad that will revolutionize your shopping experience soon. Have you ever gone shopping only to feel closer to nature? Well, look no further than Islamabad where they’re bringing the ocean to this Pakistan’s capital.
Aquatic Mall in Islamabad will be unleashing their new fishy addition in the year 2022 by promising to deliver Pakistan’s first and only Mall-based aquarium experience. It promises to offer endless entertainment for the whole family & also a great distraction from going to nearby sale signs.
Aquatic Mall, developed by Al-Bari Group, offers a complete retail mix of boutiques, spa, waterfront diningmosque, and entertainment options. The Mall will be the leading shopping destination in Islamabad, which will open in 2022.
Geographically located in one of the city’s most prominent area, G.T Road featuring a unique selection of relaxation, fashion, and entertainment arranged over various levels. As one of Islamabad’s distinctive landmarks, Aquatic Mall will offer a wide range of exciting programming events that draw for a larger community.

Point to ponder:

The project is currently built up to the 9th floor.
The project is scheduled for completion in 2022.

How Aquatic Mall would be different from other Malls in Islamabad?

To understand more, how Aquatic Mall would be different from other Malls in Islamabad “ Have a look!
World’s tallest aquarium
Grand Mosque
Marine themed restaurant

World’s tallest aquarium:

world tallest aquarium

The common size for an aquarium tank is about 1million gallons. The Aquatic Mall’s aquarium would be a marine complex where different marine habitats will be represented.

Grand Mosque:

Blue Mosque Islamabad

Aquatic Mall’s another major attraction would be the Blue Mosque’s which has a capacity of 500 to 1000 persons at a time. The mosque’s design is inspired by Turkey’s famous “Sultan Ahmed Mosque’s.

Sky Walk:

Aquatic Mall visitors will soon be able to enjoy panoramic views over G.T Road from a vertigo-inducing glass-floored Sky-walk.


the aquatic mall spa

Discover the key to a healthy lifestyle with an ultimate fitness experience at the Aquatic Mall’s Spa. The warm atmosphere will help you to recharge and ignite your joy for living.


Rooftop Helipad

Helipads not only add value to the building but get right customers too. The helipad at the Aquatic Mall would be the one of its kind in Pakistan. External construction on the building will be completed in 2022.

Marine themed restaurant:

marine theme restaurant

Aquatic Mall’s Marine Themed restaurant would be unique of its nature. As water flows downward through the glass, you can enjoy your meal surrounded by a great natural atmosphere.

Aquatic Mall completion date:

Islamabad is considered the lone champion of the expensive buildings like Centaurs, Safa Gold Mall will soon have some competition. Aquatic Mall, the world’s tallest aquarium is scheduled to be completed by 2022.

The Aquatic Mall site location:

Aquatic Mall site location is opposite Giga Mall, G.T Road Zartaj Housing Society, Islamabad.

Investment Opportunities :

Get 40 to 60% profit per year
Get monthly rental returns on full payment
Down payment at 25%


Let’s sum up the discussion:

Aquatic Mall will soon join the league of Islamabad’s landmark buildings like Centaurs, Safa Gold Mall. The project is estimated to be completed in the year 2022. The Mall has partnered with some of the best in business to ensure that the project & its construction run smoothly.

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