Luxury Apartments In Islamabad

Continuous innovation is a part of the real estate game. On and off we come across new trends and inclinations in the sector. The trend of buying apartments is shifted to Luxury apartments and it is ever growing in Pakistan. As people are more inclined toward the luxurious living overlooking comfortability sometimes,

new societies are incorporating such luxurious living ensuring comfort as well.

Now secure and well maintained lavish units are in fashion and no doubt they are extremely costly. In the old days, people used to prefer large bungalows with the large room however how the trend is changed. Slowly the trend shifted to small apartments where small families can easily enjoy healthy living. Previously the apartments used to be small with some rooms and no lawns and parking. But with the growing trend of Luxurious apartments, people want everything associated with it, be it parking or lawn.

From last some year, the demand for apartments is growing up which has given rise to newly constructed high rise luxury apartments in all the major cities of Pakistan. Islamabad being the hub of foreign delegates has won the competition of having more luxurious societies in the world. There are many apartments in Islamabad which should be considered as the perfect place of living.

New Apartments in Islamabad- Beautiful and Unique

The story doesn’t end here. The new trend of having luxury apartments on the top floors of malls is also common these days. Many people think that such apartments would be less priced however the hidden reality is that they cost even more than a bungalow in some good society. The reason behind this the prime location along with some exciting facilities provided to the people living here.

The new concept of luxury apartments on the top of mall signifies a post lifestyle however one has no personal life. However, for ladies and gentlemen who love shopping will be blessed to live in such a centralized location.

For instance, take an example of Islamabad, all the malls including Centaurus Mall, Safa Mall, Giga Mall and etc. have luxury apartments giving the best ever view. This is also one of the reasons of the apartments being costly. The apartments on malls also provide a facility of underground parking which is a blessing in disguise.

Apartments in Islamabad: Providing a secure and easy living option

While malls are providing the best ever apartment many good societies also have them. Bahria town has 60% plus ready to move apartments. The main reason for ever-growing trend of apartments is that they are convenient to clean and maintain with less furniture. However, one can overlook the disadvantages when it comes to loads of facilities provided with such apartments. Some facilities include security, prime entrances and CCTV surveillance.

It depends on one’s personal choice that whether they want to invest in such an apartment or large bungalows! You are the kind to decide it, however, everyone has different preferences.

If you are considering to invest in luxury apartments, here are some points that you should keep in mind:


Luxury Apartments should have a prime and leading location. So, a convenient location is the most important aspect that should be kept in mind while choosing an apartment.

Perfect View:

Why choose an apartment when it doesn’t have a perfect view. When you think of buying an apartment what comes to your mind first is a beautiful view. So choose the apartment wisely.

Safety and security:

The Luxury home is not just about living a comfortable life, it’s about living in a secure and safe environment where all the precautionary measures are taken.


The checklist should include earthquake-resistance factors built into the property, fire-safety measures in place, quality of the bathroom and modular kitchen fittings, tiling, attention paid to recycling water and waste, etc.


While other cities are striving to provide an expensive living for people however we can see plenty of luxury homes in Islamabad. Inspired by luxury homes, Pakistan has brought some beautiful luxury apartments for sale.

There are many companies in Pakistan who are selling an apartment in society with basic amenities calling it luxury, but they are not. There is a huge difference between apartments providing basic necessities and luxury apartment. Not every luxury property for sale is worth buying, so do proper homework before investing in apartments in Malls or Societies.