The Worlds 1st Tallest Aquarium Shopping Mall in Pakistan

Shopping Malls are in fashion today; it is evident from the plenty of Giant malls that are manufactured in just a few years in different parts of the country. Gone are days, when people had no place to visit on weekends. Now all large cities in Pakistan are full of malls that act as an excursion spot to pass your time.

Initially, the trend of Malls in Pakistan, started from the metropolitan city, Karachi which has still most of the malls providing a shopping experience to people. This trend, later on, shifted to Lahore and now Islamabad is also part of its list. Islamabad, being the capital of Pakistan is equipped with all the latest and basic facilities a citizen can ask for. Flagship education campuses, large universities, big hospital units, and government and other private hospitals have resulted in the growing population of the country. Due to these facilities, many people from small cities and rural areas have also migrated to Islamabad and its vicinity, so there is a dire need for more and more shopping malls providing the best experience to users. Previously there were supermarkets where people could go and found some of the brands. However, a place was needed, where one can go and get everything.

world tallest aquarium

Keeping in view this, The Centaurus Mall was constructed. Soon after it became operational, everyone from Islamabad and Rawalpindi visited it. The mall used to be overcrowded and to cut down the crowd the Mall had to implement some paid entry tickets. Keeping in view the situation, everyone knew that there is a need for more malls so that people can go there and the visitors can be divided. After some time Giga Mall came into being which was near to people residing in Rawalpindi. The Mall was even better and larger than the Centaurus. The Safa Mall was launched after it, targeting the specific audience by dedicating one floor to furniture, other to the gym and swimming pool, and another to the gaming zone while the rests of the floors were for shopping and food court. This was not even enough and people needed something more to fill their appetite of shopping.

Keeping in view the growing demand of Shopping Malls, Al-Bari Group of companies came with a unique idea of manufacturing a mall that not only provides an excellent shopping experience but also gives a perfect view to something that is close to nature. Yes, the Mall was designed keeping in view that people now need something more than just a random shopping experience. After days of thinking, it was decided that the Mall should be designed in such a way that it will be based on the Marine theme. It would be World’s Tallest Aquarium Shopping Mall in Pakistan housing the tallest Aquarium doing justice to the overall theme of the mall. The large fish tank will have colorful sea world species from all over the world providing peace and tranquility to people.

world tallest aquarium

The Underwater zoo, will have different species imported from all over the world providing the best sight to people visiting the mall. The Aquarium will be made with the largest Acrylic panel to make it even safe. We are sure there will be more people visiting the mall for feeling close to nature than the people opting for it for shopping. However it doesn’t mean that the mall is only for enjoying the perfect sea life, it also offers the best shopping experience in town. Housing all big local and international brands, The Aquatic Mall, will facilitate users with having everything at one place.

Moreover, the dedicated floor for a food court will offer a fantastic experience but the best thing is yet to come: The Aquatic Restaurant. Much would-be thinking what The Aquatic Restaurant means. It is a marine-themed restaurant giving good sight with good food to its visitors. The restaurant has aquarium walls, where one can enjoy food while looking at the sea lives moving all around. Believe us, it will not only provide an excellent experience but will also make your food more delicious.

The Aquatic Mall also provides an impressive facility to mothers by introducing kid’s areas so that they can enjoy tension-free shopping. The kid’s area has all the safe rides for kids and sand and ball bots for toddlers. Moreover trained staff is allocated there so that they can take care of your kids. Furthermore, this mall is designed keeping in view the dislikes of men towards shopping. We are okay with it; women can shop while men can enjoy the skywalk and the aquarium sight. The Aquatic Mall has introduced the Skywalk for the first time in Pakistan. Previously Pakistan was lagging in terms of such thrilling experiences. Soon people will be able to kill their fear, with the thrilling skywalk providing the best experience ever.

This Masjid will be located adjacent to the Mall’s main building. Approximately, 800-1000 individuals will be able to offer prayers once it is completed. The Beautiful mosque will offer the most peaceful and soothing spiritual spot to people for offering prayers.

The Mall is under construction and will be completed by 2022. Till then you need to wait for the Aquarium having sea species to blow your mind. Moreover, it should also be mentioned here, that this mall is the best investment opportunity keeping in view the amenities offered. This is the best time to invest in The Aquatic Mall as just in a few months the prices will go higher. So invest wisely and on Time.